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Awwwwe... is sumbuudy gwumpy their predicted $1000 stocks by summer not come to fruition?
Well, it's more of a guess. Out of the 15+ people I know with Apple TV's - every single one of them jailbroken and running Boxee or XBMC. I have people asking me all the time if I know how to do that for them as well.   Apple's love affair with restrictions, DRM, and tech nerfing - render the ATV almost useless out of the box. I understand why they do it... but man, imagine if you took it out of the box and it just worked... with everything.
How many AppleTV's are running Boxee? Answer: most
  An observant person would notice that when a sound environment changes from loud to quiet, conversations cease momentarily as people who were probably talking loud stop to reassess their volume. These collective moments of silence happen all the time, everywhere, and they have nothing to do with people being in complete awe of shitty Apple commercials.
Steve who? warning: this post contains troll bait
  Thanks for your post. I wish I could have seen this presentation. I can't believe how small the MMac Pro is. (the extra M is for Mini)   As far as waiting for Rev 2 or 3... that's just smart. The last 20 years of history has proven that over and over and over again. But yah, people will still buy them... and we need those people to buy them or there would be no rev 2 or 3. Still... those people will be laughed at when trying to sell the rev 1's on Criagslist that were...
The design is interesting. If external storage and cd etc... are designed as a fitted cylindrical base that stack underneath the computer, with a place to tuck the cables... Then I can see it working. This of course would require 3rd party design to match the Mac Pro only, so a bit unlikely or insanely expensive. A splooge of different color cables bursting out of this design to a variety of different shape and sized devices... Uuuugh. It will look like a trash can...
Matte please or boooooooooo.
Bingo. The last thing us "retarded pros" want is more cables around the desk.   The only thing I didn't like with the 'cheese grater' towers is the dust issue. I'm looking at this design and thinking it's not going to work out too well being on the floor with dust/hair/particles/coffee and all other elements that are affected by gravity - meaning this thing is meant to be on the desk... with a mess of cables and external devices strewn all over the place. A big box with...
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