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  As well as pushing companies to use their App Store. How long before you won't be able to obtain any software unless it comes from the App store ala iOS?
Please list qualified sources that "absolutely nobody" uses cd drives anymore - or are you just talking out of your ass again and trolling everyones posts?
What the world doesn't need is your ilk who seek to destroy it for short-term, meaningless 'profits'.1 year warranty is a joke and disturbing. If Apple cant produce a product that it can stand behind for at least 2 years - then they have no business producing landfill fodder and leaving others to deal with the waste.Good on Italy. I hope other countries do the same and end this insanity.
  Your logical statements have no place here... be gone troll
  Exactly!!! Excellent post.   I was excited about Ping until I realized it did absolutely nothing.   I was hoping Ping would connect me with people of similar tastes in music - a 'Genius' type function that gave you recommendation's on music you don't own. Major letdown for sure.   If people could easily create their own playlists that people can listen to (sample) and then use a service like Ping to discover/share it... that would be spectacular. (make podcasting more...
We asked around our office if any would consider buying a TV with a camera in it. Almost all hated the idea and some were frightened of the idea citing privacy concerns. A TV capable of monitoring your movement and turning on - and being remotely accessable is reason for concern. Regardless of if they advertise it as potential home security - i dont think consumers want a product cabable of watching them. I will be surprised if it comes with a camera. Even more so if it...
Wanna place bets on crippling and stifling DRM? Don't get me wrong, i'm sure it will be be a fantastic product otherwise. But it's the 'otherwise' that will make it a fringe product.   Apple still doesn't let the Airport Express work with anything outside of iTunes. Result - [fringe] AppleTV is so crippled that retail has to explain it can be jail-broken to function. Result - [fringe] We will see if Apple comes out with the next 'best in class' product - or another Apple...
My money is on this being a collosal failure as it will be severly crippled by DRM and have a high price point. It's one thing to create a new product like the iPhone and ipad and lock them down with Apple's 'my way or the hwy' DRM. But even the AppleTV has sputtered at $100 and relies on hacks as a selling feature. An expensive item like a large screen TV that Apple can brick at any time... all because you wanted to watch your own content your way... I cant imagine...
  Both parties were at fault over that crap. nVidia for a half baked attempt at the cards - Apple for not even giving a half baked attempt to resolve the issue.   Anyways, if Apple can strike up multi-billion dollar deals with a company it's suing for multi-billions... nothing surprises me anymore.
Some see logic... Some read the headlines and get a *boing* in their shorts.   Guarantee you that a  7" Apple device exposes the fanboi's here - as long as the stock rockets up.   Steve is dead no less then half a product cycle and he's already forgotten to the fold of opportunist investors.
New Posts  All Forums: