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Old Dutch chief says Apple will eventually have a potato chip in every mac.
Great, once again us Apple users are the guinea pigs for Apple's guerrilla marketing ploys. "Lets violate people's digital rights and force them to use our product EVERYWHERE..." I can see the new ad now... "This is how 2007 will be just like 1984".
iTunes 7 is a complete disaster. My G5 is steaming to an Airport Express box, which in turn is hooked up to my $3000 Paradigm speakers. I played the same audio files from version 7 and 6, and there is quite a big difference. In iTunes 7, there is hissing and background noise, not to mention very sharp and piercing bursts in the high (tweeter) range. EQ on both is set to flat. The gapless playback seems to work for some albums, but not others. One huge gripe I have...
Siks munce ago i kont evan spal grafik dezinor, an now i are one. I uze Apol to dezine lots of stuf. it iz a nise mashine to wurk on. Me think zune a stoopid devise. Mikrosoft a bunch uv idiots. tank you
THIS IS A TRICK, THIS IS NOT THE REAL ZUNE. This is just Microsoft having some fun. They are making expectations real low, so that when they release the real Zune, people will be blown away. I mean... that must be it right?
HA... I told you guys that there would be a new Shuffle made of anodized aluminum, and games being introduced. And yet all I got was grief from the greif givers here.
Who cares about Dell. Dell's demise will not mean a resurgence in Apple market share. It would / will benefit Alienware a lot more then Apple. What will help Apple is not hanging their customers out to dry every time they completely re-design the Mac. Or releasing products that are seriously flawed, and waiting for the class action lawsuit to be filed before taking action.
Don't forget that the new iPods will be centered around games. I have it on good authority. There will also be lots of games to download.
Both Chucker... both. A new release that has been previously viewed. Thanks for posting.
It's like winning the lottery. Good for that customer. Apple should use this as a business model... start randomly filling some computers with ram.
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