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Oh puuuulease... Remove Apple.com, remove the 'pre-loaded bookmarks' and all extremely Apple-centric websites from their sample pool and you will find their numbers to be completely out to lunch. Or don't and believe that only 1 in 50 people who buy a non Apple iPad actually go on the web.
iAd was a massive miscalculation by an over zealous Apple. It's the most restrictive form of advertising possible.   Regardless of how good their platform is - having a somewhat ad-free environment is why people like the iPhone experience. If ad's start to be more 'in your face' then your better off with the Android experience that have way fewer restrictions and advertising is a fraction of the price of iAd. That's where the advertising money will go and that's...
... and a dog could be heard barking in the distance... ... because nobody is running Lion - nobody. Ipad and iOS devices are Apple's only saving grace. There are ZERO industries or companies adopting Lion and Apple's 'cloud' ambitions. If you doubt me... i'll call you full of shit unless you provide names and details about a company that you actually know that has adopted Lion. I have 86 clients and affiliates who work in the Apple environment and none of...
Actually, I found the information that has come out regarding the charge cycle quite informative and useful. Now there is an answer for those wondering why they only get 7-8 hours of battery time. You guys need to take a chill pill.
It was an elaborate hoax on Apples part.
Zealots will try and defend this no doubt - but any way you slice it, its just a bad Apple.
And your 6 brain cells havn't been able to compute that this is by design - so that companies like Apple have a scapegoat? Or are you just 'playing' stupid? The investors on this site make more money in 1 day of doing absolutely nothing then a lot of these workers will who toil in these factories for years. They are easy to pick out... they are the ones lashing out here in Apple's defence... Terrified that their free meal ticket and gravy train is going to end.
from the self-ordained troll patrol - You remind me of 'Cowboy X' from Sesame Street years ago... riding into town here, weilding your 'troll' branding iron and wildly stamping everyones post. I think we would be hard pressed to find anyone here you havent branded 'troll'. So allow me to be the character who tells you that our community here doesnt appreciate it. Chill dude.
Agree with you 100%. Remember thou, that a lot of the frothing Apple zealots on this site are investors. A negative light on Apple is a negative light on them and their god. To you and me and other sane people, Apple devices are technology gadgets and computing devices - to them, they are idols to be worshiped and CEO's are their clergy. Their rewards are monies and riches that they did nothing to earn. These sick psychophants dont care about child exploitation or an...
I remember another tech company that tried to buy their way out of unfair business practices. Didn't turn out too well for them in the end. All it takes is 1 judge to award iTV a statement 50 billion in damages - let Apple know that their mountain of cash isn't above the law. It's hard to stop a juggernaut - but they can sure as hell be slowed down. Microsoft changed their tune pretty quick when governments came looking for cash. Remember that governments are just big...
New Posts  All Forums: