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Now there's a guilty conscience.
sounds about right - Apple attracting the scum of the earth. Next up; Exxon and BP, followed by Monsanto, a couple arms dealers, Syria's government and Dr. Evil. Enjoy your unethical stocks and profits - and don't worry about the whole 'you will reap just what you sow' prophecy... fake fiat monies are far more important then a planet capable of sustaining life. Remember, it's all about you and how much you have. Fuck your neighbor, kill all foreigners, worship...
Lol @ your fanboi rage.Your logic is so flawed this time, its embarassing.Apple tries to patent someone else's design concept as their own and your fine with it until someone else also implements the earlier design comcept.Why dont you just leave it at what it is - exposing the whole patent system as the fraud it is.Leave your fanboi glasses at the door on this one Tallest-shill.
You shouldn't be. It's a lose lose lose win lose situation, with everyone and everything losing except for Apple investors... who will also eventually lose.
School boards don't have any money. Text Books are 1/32 the cost and last 32x longer then an iPad in the hands of kids would. Schools can't afford art teachers or janitors anymore - so how are they going to pay for technical support on iPads? Are they going to purchase new iPads every 2 or 3 years when the batteries start to fail or the OS is no longer supported? Then lets look at the environmental impact... paper is a renewable resource and biodegradable. iPads,...
I don't believe the tv will be a traditional tv. I have a feeling that social networking will be the big selling feature ala FaceTime/iChat - the tv will have a camera. Why watch Family Feud when you can play it against your extended family and create your own entertainment. Selecting your own 'subscription' packages is hardly "cracking" tv as stated by Jobs. If this prediction were true - then the question would be; do consumers want a tv with a camera on it? It...
give your head a shake man. ...then read your post again.
I disagree. I know a few people who are going to go with the Fire over the iPad for their first tablet. The price point is enough for them to take a chance that they can leave Apple's walled garden and still have an enjoyable user experience. Fire is a competitor for sure & almost guarantee's that the iPod touch is going to get a larger screen. The tablet market is not the desktop or phone market. Most consumers looking at a tablet are buying it as a media consumption...
iMac's, they just work - after you've hired a contractor to rebuild a spot for it. Oh, and your going to eventually need an eye doctor after using our product. great marketing golf clap
Ok Zoolander, but how do you expect people to use the software if they can't even see what's on the screen?
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