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The day Apple releases an option for a professional display (35 cents worth of chemical coating), is the day you know Apple wants professionals looking at their products again. Sadly, that day hasn't come.
Most of the Internet is people voicing their opinions and choices... It's what makes the Internet tick - ad revenue, selling, marketing, consumer ratings, social media etc... The 'motor oil' brands pay billions of dollars to find out why you switch brands... So I'm pretty sure they would be ecstatic if you let people know your switching brands and why. I found his post interesting and informative (more then yours), as our company finds itself in a similar situation - after...
I agree. It was pretty obvious that the Academy was bought off to award 'The Social Network' or even acknowledge it. It's a pretty bad movie and rated B by most critics. I've tried to get through it a few times but keep getting bored and switch to watching Golden Girls reruns or infomercials. I'd like to see M Night Shyamalan or Stephen King take a stab at the movie to add some intrigue.
I have the TC as the main wireless and an AE as a network extender. I was streaming some music to the AE when it started to cut out and glitch on and off for 10 minutes or so and then correct itself. Then it stopped completely and Airport Utility popped up and the TC was orange... at which point it said new firmware was available. Kinda weird the way it happened. Went online to try and find info about the update but there was nothing... started to make me wonder a...
Off topic - but did anyone else have their Timecapsule stop working and get a notification of Firmware update 7.6 ? - I can't find any mention of it anywhere... I did the update and everything seems to be working... just want to make sure it's official.
Paper books will never go away. Never. They will just become more of a commodity over time and more valuable as the digital trend continues. What's more valuable - a baseball card or a digital picture of a baseball card? People will always prefer and add value to physical things. The one app that nobody will be able to make is 'personability'. People need physical contact and interactions. This 'social media' fad and all the devices that support it are a fad. The iPad...
Amen This article is pathetic and total fanboi fodder. Tallest Shill will feel elation thou...
I just 'slavishly' copied your post to make my own.
Condolences to the immediate family. For those of us who have been with Apple for over 30 years, we share a common loss today.
Seems the Kindle Fire competes against the iPod Touch - and does it well for someone who wants a similar device with a larger screen- better for reading on. I don't see this competing with the iPad at all. I would have to play with one first thou before I make a judgement. Like SJ said about the first iPad; You have to hold one in your hand to understand it.
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