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What I'm hearing here is that investors are very worried, as they should be. There is no way this model is going to survive anti-trust laws. Apple is starting with 30% knowing full well it's just a number to begin negotiations with. The anti-competitive policies of not allowing people to have a link to their website etc... are also just there as bargaining chips for the inevitable class action law suit. The real question is - how desirable is an iDevice that has...
Take it as truth - leave it as garbage... these blogs are presenting facts that the MSM have stopped reporting on. At some point, we all have to face our denial. http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/
As long as your stock is rising it's completely acceptable that your neighbors are being thrown out on the street, in a panic about when and where their next meal will come. Good for you for having your needs met... your more important then everyone else anyways. 'Fuck the unemployed & fuck the hungry - I have money and food'. I think it was that attitude that your forefathers had in mind when they wrote the constitution. That's the shared value that made America great...
Yah, I prefer my slaves to be of a certain age too. And kudos to Apple for drastically ensuring the demise of the United States of America. 4 Million people on food stamps, real unemployment around the 25% range, debt to GDP ratio of 96%,... but hey, as long as their PR looks good for over-seas sweat shops...
Been saying it for 5 months now. Been laughed at and ridiculed for it too. iAd will be dropped or completely revamped this year. Market blowback is a bitch - and iAd is just the beginning. Apple got too greedy too fast - and will pay the price. Doesn't matter that it's superior technology or a superior user experience... pimping out a jail cell is still a jail cell. History is repeating. sell sell sell
Are you going to the Apple Fan Boi convention dressed as Apple's first USB mouse (hockey puck) again? What flavor this year?
*** Just in *** Verizon is throttling their network for iPhone users. They are also implementing 'data optimization' that will degrade the quality of video. Their unlimited plan is not unlimited. If you download 'too much' data, they throttle you down big time for 2 months. check it out http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/...verizon-sucks/
Ahh yes - the ol' bend-over and take it like a man argument. Nothing like stripping people of rights - then trying to sell them back to them. This must be the famous 'American Dream' we all hear so much about.
Ingenious people who refuse to be extorted are pirates. Think Different - but only if it doesn't hurt the bottom line... then we prefer you don't think at all. Lots of love - Corporate America xo
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