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It's interesting to see this upgrade in the base configuration, but my problem with the new MBP is its weight. Last year I moved to my MBA because I needed a light laptop (I was hurting my back, serious). Yes, the new MBP is lighter than the older one, but it still weighs double a MBA. I'm happy with the performance of my late-2010 MBA, and it's certainly the best purchase I've made these years, but I hope they don't leave the MBA for netbook use in the future, because I...
About a couple of decades ago, I used to feel shocked when some engineer or designer left a cool company in favor of a dumb one. It was like if such engineers didn't care about the products they designed. They didn't care designing OpenGL or DirectX, they seem to consider Windows as good as UNIX, and, it seemed these guys weren't able to tell the difference between a $100 wine bottle or a $4 one (unless they saw the price, sure).   In the past, there have always been...
  And another serious problem is when you want to compare all apps which perform some task. Let's suppose I want to compare all vector design apps for choosing the one that fits my needs best. There's no way of knowing if you saw all the possible apps or if you left any possible candidates.   The only way is to use Google instead. 
While the article is actually an add for the 'Adeven' firm, however, they're right in saying that the App Store search function is bad. It's so bad I believe it doesn't deserve to be called "search". I don't know if the cause is faulty design, or if there's an interest in Apple (ie: show people the "best" apps rather than allowing them to search for specific categories or specific features).   If you want to look for some app/game, you have no remedy but to use...
Yes, but Apple can favour tools. If Apple proposes "X" as the default programming language, you'll see a lot of apps using such language. Just the mention of Javascript as the suggested path by Apple produces me cold sweat. It's fine to propose a tool for creating apps without code. But, if such tool lets you add code, then code in ObjectiveC, which is the technology behind Cocoa. It will be better for iPhones batteries, and also more coherent with the Apple technologies.
I don't think this system can be used to develop apps others would pay for, unless you write code, of course. Making an interesting app without writing code isn't possible, because in that case you'll have to reuse modules developed by third-parties, and such third-party can develop the app better than you. Anyway, the thing I most dislike from this announcement is Java. Please don't force the iPhone to crawl and waste battery running Java libs. Android tried to drive...
Considering the leak is from the head of human resources (ie: somebody with executive responsabilites) and taking into account that it isn't an "average" leak, but a leak to the press, if this was true and I was Apple, the article would read "Foxconn, the former..."
With the time, I'm getting more and more convinced that if there weren't any antivirus companies, there would be less than 90% of viruses around.
I believe Apple needs to release a new iPhone soon. For example, I want to buy an iPhone, but I've serious doubts about the 4S, first because of its battery/power management, second because the possibility of a new iPhone sooner than expected. Taking all of this into consideration, yes, I want an iPhone, but buying a 4S now would be unwise.
I bought a matte 20'' G5 iMac back when Tiger was released, and I still use it at home. In my office I've an aluminum iMac, and my G5 matte screen at home is more comfortable to use than the aluminum one at the office, because I'm always moving the aluminum iMac, or closing windows, in order to avoid glare, while at home I never have glare with the G5
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