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I can corroborate this, my aluminum iMac is a couple years old, and very silent. OTOH, I also have a white iMac G5 20'', and I remember it was really silent when new, but it's somewhat noisy now (not as noisy as a PC with a cheap fan, but anyway far more noisy than when it was new). I cleaned it, and I reinstalled Tiger, and I recovered the speed it had when new, and also the noise was reduced, but still noticeable... the G5 iMac fan doesn't age well.
I believe it's possible to fight against tracking through information to users, so that it becomes a widespread concience topic. Apple didn't reduce the working hours in China because they care about workers rights, but because it gives them good marketing image, given that it's a widespread wish to have fair working regulations. For example, if there was a web navigator with strong user quote, and such navigator had some kind of "ads ethical-meter" noticing you how...
Hi, I use Vox on SL and Lion, but I also have a 10.4 machine, and the latest Vox version for 10.4 doesn't support Audio Units. I enjoy using AU effects while playing music. Do you know of any player with AU support, compatible with 10.4? (preferably free, but I'm also open to commercial options)
iTunes and App Store are to Apple what Explorer is to Microsoft (ie: core of their business strategy). The goal isn't having a great multimedia player/manager (such as Quicktime, VLC, or Vox), but making it very easy for to user to spend money while using it. If it wasn't for this fact (the user spending money), we would have a superb Quicktime player/manager today. It would open files in a fraction of a second (in contrast to iTunes, which is like if you boot another OS...
This is already available on Lion, and I believe it's available on Snow Leopard as well. Maybe there're no apps that use it, but the software is there: Just install MagicPrefs, turn on the preview, and begin to put fingers over your Magic Trackpad: I've been able to track my ten fingers. Maybe it can track even more, but didn't have a colleague nearby for trying it So, yes, the low-level API for multitouch can track 10 fingers if you wish so.
I wanted a new iPhone for Summer
Can you please tell me how can I turn autosave off in Preview? (I'm on Lion 10.7.3)
It seems Apple won't admit Preview is currently broken with autosave+versions. They're really determined to force us into autosave+versions. I'll have to choose between not upgrading to ML or replacing all Apple apps with third-party apps that respect the user workflow.
I agree 100% with all who have expressed the problems of the forced use of autosave+versions in Preview. Because of this, I had to install Skim, and I use it as my default viewer in Lion. I prefer Preview, and I miss it, but I just can't use it because of versions+autosave. Please Apple, make this a preference setting, adjustable by the user. Otherwise, as I said in another thread, I've serious doubts I'll consider upgrading to ML, because I won't pay for an OS in...
I've tested it better: what happens is that links work fine if I don't save the file, but if I save the file, they're incremented one page... do you have any idea on a workaround for this?
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