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I believe the iMac AIO concept is outside what the market demands nowadays, but I've no idea if I'm the person you mention. Anyway, your solution doesn't fix the problem: if you have a relatively new and big display already (and many folks have it because it's been one of the trends these years), the only way of not throwing it away is to use it for dual head. Being forced to get a new display when you have a (perhaps) greater one is nonsense nowadays.It's also nonsense to...
The problem is the display. In these years of economic crisis, people return to the (wise) behavior of not throwing away stuff that works. If you bought an awesome display two years ago, why should you replace it if you want a powerful Mac? The options for a display-less Mac are either the Mini (with lower specs than the iMac) or the Mac Pro (usually priced to another market segment). Going for a "low cost" iMac will be just a Mac Mini with an attached display, and that...
This is good. I won't buy it because I'm waiting for the Mac Pro, as I need a more powerful machine this time and without monitor, but nonetheless I'm very happy with this announce and I hope it will sell well (I believe so, as it has nice configurations, including 512GB SSD).
 I understand, but, from what I see, it seems AI is more biased towards iOS than the market reality. Other rumor sites tend to post more Mac rumors and news than AI. Given that I use iOS as my pocket device, it's nice to read some stuff about iOS from time to time, but my work is number crunching, and so I'm interested in computers. As a result, some other rumor sites post some barely interesting Mac stuff from time to time. But AI is just iOS, and iOS is already on my...
I'm really disappointed this rumor isn't a headline in AI main page. At the time of writing this, all headlines from the first page are meaningless. This rumor would bring to the AI index some of the interest it used to have.
I wouldn't dare to say it will never be free. Apple has done a lot of weird things in the last years, so you can expect everything. Just take in mind that the current Apple user (ie toy users) has nothing in common with the historical Apple user (ie mac users). You can expect anything from Apple nowadays.
Shame, Apple, shame. I really wish someday software patents will be called invalid. I'm not a leftist at all, but software patents are one of the most unfair things in the tech land. Period.
Please somebody patent the pushbutton with round corners. Every time I read a new patent request, I fall ill. This is worse than the dirtiest trick Microsoft ever did in their past life.
So a $2500 pro computer is way expensive and only a very small niche market purchases it, resulting in a product with little profits, while a $600 phone is so cheap, cheap, cheap, that it sells better than toilet paper. It's obvious what it makes it a niche isn't the price. Otherwise the iPhone would have a niche market.
Man, I wish there was a website about _Mac_ rumors and _Mac_ news. With the time it's getting harder and harder to read stuff about the Mac. And the culprit isn't Apple, because Apple is working hard finishing the new Mac Pro and Mavericks, and other Haswell updates. The culprit is the iToy fanbase. Tough times for Mac users.
New Posts  All Forums: