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Does this mean that I'll finally be able to transfer data between iOS and OSX in a simple way, just like you were allowed to do in previous OSX releases with non-iOS phones?
As a professor, I can say the only way to teach with computers is to either teach from the back of the classroom -where you can see all screens- or to disable Internet (the later quite difficult because nobody at our school ever thought the Internet could be an annoyance when teaching)
Kuo, Kuo, Kuo... how different our tastes are. You like investment, money, and popular markets. I like the Mac, and computers in general. If the world was just two islands, I'm sure we'd choose a different one. Oh Kuo...
So you need to be an experienced professional photographer in order to use a DSLR, but you just need a few training weeks to use an iPhone? I thought the camera isn't what makes a photographer. Welcome to the "post-Mac" era. People who don't understand why I hate the "post-Mac" Apple so much, will realize in the coming years. Microsoft, in their most arrogant years, was like Bambi compared to the "post-Mac" Apple.
  Linux has full support for 30 bit color. Windows also supports it (disabling aero, because of how messy Windows is, but anyway supports it). The NVIDIA document describing how 30bit color is supported on Linux and Windows dates from 2009 (2009!!!). And Apple has put most of their engineering effort on iPhone and iPad all this time. If, as you claim, the iOS engineering effort has nothing to do with the lack of 30bit color support on the Mac, then we must conclude Apple...
I hope they add 30bit color support soon. It's a shame all the hardware is there but the OS won't allow it yet. If there was no iPhone and no iPad, we would have features like this already implemented. Too sad.
[yawn] ...yet another boring rumor...   Can we please have some _real_ rumor? I mean a rumor about an interesting product. For example, a Mac Pro rumor.
If the competitor is Android, iOS doesn't need anything special to beat it, because Android is made by removing from Linux its best strengths, and replacing them with non-consistent and unstable concepts from the Windows world. Add Java to it, unreasonable apps permissions to user private data, and you end up with a system iOS beats in every release. So, iOS doesn't need anything special *if* (and note the *if*) the competitor is Android. But if some vendor manages to...
People here is happy to admit the computer market is saturated, as a justification for Apple investing more on iToys than on the Mac. However, they'll never thought the toy market is soon to become saturated. Easy money comes easy, but ends easy as well. Get used to it, such toy saturation will be a reality soon. However, people will continue to need new computers. Once the toy market becomes saturated, the computer market will show its natural higher demand than the toy...
Mac Pro pleaaaaase
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