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I need computers. Computers for 3D graphics, for software development, and for engineering. So I hope they invest on making computers, because the Mac is the best computer ever. I'm not interested in any other Apple product, what I need from them is computers, and just computers. If they continue to neglect this segment, I'll go away from Apple, simple as that (and with sadness, because, as I said, the Mac is the best computer ever).
It's been always the same: Leftist government=taxes. From my experience, I've never seen a leftist govmt which doesn't increase taxes. It's on their ideology. You may like it or not, but please don't be surprised, it's always the same.
If Apple succeeds in patenting blending, I have other patent suggestions: Linear interpolation Binary arithmetic Applications that read source code and produce executables And, since they want to extend to other markets, let me suggest also: Eating Breathing Btw, I'm not a Samsung fan, nor a Google fan either. I've sympathized Apple when they were a _different_ business. Now they're far dirtier than Mocrosoft in their worst years. And then people say StreetView is scary....
I admit flyover looks nice. I don't use it because gmaps works better for me, and because I need streetview (I usually need to see buildings and streets because of my work, and streetview saves me from going to the real site until really needed, which is really helpful). Also, the number of supported cities in flyover is a joke. Flyover looks nice, but it's not a work tool, just candy.
This is what I never liked from the Internet, ie, when it gives more control to companies and less power to users. It all began with apps that install without letting you have a backup of the complete installer. And of course, what Adobe wants to do now is the golden dream of every software company: make the used depend on being always connected to you. This was worrying a decade ago, when all serious software was commercial. However, nowadays there're serious (very...
Finally, today is the real release date of the new iMac. The november/december launch wasn't a launch actually, because a non-SSD slim computer is nonsense. The SSD on the iMac is as important as any other component, or even more (because of both speed and quietness).   Finally, I can consider a new iMac. The 21inch i7 with 512GB SSD looks interesting in price. If it was available last december, I would have purchased one already, no doubt.
I agree with the article. One of the things that disappointed me when I got my iPhone was that it doesn't have a ROM-encoded serial number (I mean non-writable non-erasable ROM, unlike NVRAM which can be rewritten). A solution like that would turn iPhones very hard to steal... criminals would need to disassemble the unit, and replace the ROM chip. Hard to do. This would certainly stop teenagers-friends thefts.   If it had that ROM serial number, you simply call Apple...
Is there any performance increase on the CPU, or is it just the GPU? I feel like the CPU is becoming my bottleneck nowadays, because there're very fast GPUs, but the same cannot be said for CPUs (because new applications are getting more and more demanding on the CPU). For example, I'd love to hear that the 3x gain is on the CPU. That would be really appreciated. A 3x increase on the GPU is easy to achieve with a discrete card, so no such need for it.
LOL. I mean: LOL. While everybody dances the game of Mr Kuo rumors, and while everybody loves Apple being a gadgettobusiness, then somebody at Apple remembers they used to be a computer company. But it's just a déjà vu, tomorrow they'll continue with their gadgets, so don't worry, you'll have your new iPhone soon.
The only way Google can get top quality devices is to fully adopt UNIX, be it BSD or Linux. Their weird choices of Chrome and Android drive to nowhere but failure. Android isn't UNIX, as it replaced UNIX security by Windows 3.1 (lack of) security. Drop Android, drop Chrome, and go UNIX. It's the only way Google can make any interesting products
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