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I find it disgusting to read "post PC" in an article with the implied meaning of "post Mac".   It's also disgusting how the Apple fan base has changed. A couple of years ago, the fan consensus was iOS didn't mean the end of OSX. Today, fans no longer care about the Mac, just care about Apple selling tons and tons of the iWatch or whatever stupidity they manage to release.   Well, that's the reality of the "post Mac" era.
It seems they didn't listen to the Jony Ive interview about naming products
Are there any numbers for iOS devices only? I ask it because a good measure of Chinese economy would be to know how many iOS devices they buy compared to the US. Android doesn't count because most of the brands are low-cost
  Well, with the slight detail that president Obama didn't actually praise Apple, but a Mac factory, which happens to be cannibalized by other Apple products, according to Tim Cook announcement stating we've now officially entered the "post-PC" era, whatever it means.
  Maybe the point of the "post-PC" era is that people don't have a job, so they only need internet surfing and facebook, without any need of running professional software anymore (ie: no more need for Photoshop, Maya, MATLab, C/C++ compilers, finite element analysis, complete office packages... we no longer need any of such software because people lack a job). If that's the case, yes, I can admit Tim Cook was smarter than president Obama by foreseeing what the "post-PC"...
Now this is brilliant: The same day Obama announces the new Mac plant as a help for the economy, arrives Tim Cook and talks about the Mac being an obsoleted product in the "post PC" era. And then some people don't understand the Apple stock decline.
Not sure if it stops whining, but for sure it stops companies with a wrong strategy.
Wrong thinking like these Tim Cook thoughts are what are causing the Apple stock decline, and what will cause a major failure in the long term. To begin with, after reading this I'm no longer confident about how safe is to invest on the new Mac Pro when it's released. I need a new computer because the supposedly "post PC" toys cannot run professional applications, nor can compile code either, and I need both. But investing >2000 dollars on a machine when the CEO considers...
Indeed. In fact Science and Religion don't interfere, as the scientific method states it only applies to things that can be physically measured, which leaves the supernatural outside of Science. This means you'll never be able to prove the absence of supernatural with the scientific method, or otherwise you'd be using it wrongly. At the same time, Religion, when truly practiced, adheres to Science in the things that can be physically measured.Atheists who "just trust...
Not sure about how reputable this rumor is, although it matches available data, so it can be true. Anyway, no matter if the spring release is true or not, this is the only important rumor I've seen for the last 12 months (and no, I never had a Mac Pro -yet- ,so no personal preferences here, just saying what's important for reinforcing what Apple stands for, and what not).
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