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Exactly. They plan to do the same with aps on their set top boxes too I should think eventually. And no mention of the DS in the article on touch screen gaming? Idiots...
One of the originally cited features of the Nintendo Wii was that it knew whose controller (within the family) turned it on and set it up accordingly with the right Miis, games on the etc - it's one of the reasons the controller has flash memory in it. Never happened though.
Nah. "Ping me" "Ping us for more information" etc.
WHO?? I hate these Patent sharks. They sit there in the 1950s and create the first non-government UK TV channel and create programs for YEARS and then sit back and wait until they can use the three letters to make some REAL money. I mean they did that show about wanting to be a millionaire, and some talent shows that will go NOWHERE and a bunch of the longest running dramas in the history of the planet but other than that they did NOTHING to earn this. Just include...
While I have a lot of Windows 7 on a mac people in one place can I just ask what sound drivers people recommend? I got the real audio HD ones that people recommended around launch but it still sounds like my W7 iMac is in a cupboard compared to the same tracks on the OSX iMac side of the computer. Identical hardware should not sound this different!!
Yeah this is the problem. Use the code in a bejewelled style game and link it's high scores & Downloads page to Facebook feeds and you have an unstoppable force... I agree that it needs more protection to stop random programs from deleting files. I thought the game itself was a great way to promote pacifism in gaming though
It doesn't attack your mac unless you fire a shot - that's kinda the whole point. I agree it's a danger to have on your machine with kids & idiot friends around, but I decided not to download it so it's not a danger to me. I wish all software threats came with two warning screens and no way to propagate, it'd be a lot easier!
The game itself is a month old - it's not news. The news is that it's now officially considered a threat. No one here has mentioned that loosing at the game causes it to delete ITSELF, meaning that unless you get the game to crash it's a one play art thing. And it is possible to beat it without dying or shooting, or by shooting your way to the end.
My phone does this and it seems to work better than the stand alone cards. Guess it's just a matter of time until the Camera manufacturers build this into fun cameras as standard.
Me to - didn't know there were even issues until I saw the story and I use my launch iPod 160Gb daily. Maybe it's the new ones?
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