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Ah that's OK then - that's a good enough reason!! Maybe I should have bagged me a student to buy it for me - 6 (or 12) percent is quite a lot on a new computer.
Delivered to London? Couldn't you have just got it from the Apple Store (Regents Street I Think?) - it'd have been much quicker. They'd have delivered it to your house for free too!
Um no - I said the opposite. Stick your head next to the slot at the back of the machine and you can hear a small fan. I didn't even notice it until I went back there to change cables. Sit in your normal position in front of the computer and you can barely hear it. The noise is not oscilating like a drill or plane, it's a single low frequency fan noise. Anything you do on the computer is louder than this noise, even typing, you have to concentrate to hear it. But I can...
It's quieter than my old iMac, it has a slight low pitched hum from the fan but nothing that would annoy me (and I get easily wound up by noises). You can have a DVD on quietly and still not hear the fan. Not so keen on the speakers pointing downwards though, I'm sure the desk gets a better sound than I do... Only problem I've come accross is my cheap Speedtouch 330 modem doesn't work with Tiger so I'm using ICS via the old mac. Not ideal, but it seems to be OK while they...
My store got them early as they had only opened the week before. I think they had them on the Wednesday, but I couldn't get down there until the weekend. I have an Xbox too - it interent shares form the old iMac fine. And who says they can't be friends!
http://ladd.dyndns.org/xbench/merge.xhtml?doc1=110667 Good call - I've linked the score now. 2x512 Memory. Might have to invest in the extra 1GB stick O' Crucial if it improves the speed that much!
LOL, I walked into the Apple Store in Birmingham England on Sat and walked out with my 20" 2GHZ wireless KBAM iMac. Great fun. As said it transfers all the stuff across but didn't get my audible & iTMS & .mac settings for some reason. Also my USB modem doesn't seem to like Tigers... It scored about 180 on Xbench in the Apple store but mine with the base memory only gets 165 which is odd. I didn't check their config but I did submit it to the Xbench site.
But didn't the old one (1.8MHz iMac G5) get around 150 on Xbench anyway? Maybe I looked at the wrong bits - I only DL'd it recently.
Mine is 4 years old (White 500Mhz G3) and although it still runs at a fair lick my Broadband is faster than it is and the Beachball does seem to occupy a lot of my time. I'm guessing a G5 iMac will last me another 4 years and the only upgrade I'd need is the £40 ($65) Wirelss Keyboard & mouse. Edit: And my G3's Xbench score is just under 40. I'm expecting the new models to hit 180 maybe (for the 20")??
The Birmingham Apple Store here in the UK said Wed-Fri this week but as it's only been open a short while they wouldn't have ordered many iMacs of the old spec in. I guess other resellers will be in the following week.
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