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I was so glad when I discovered they still offered AirPort Util 5.x for download. Version 6 is awful.
It is very sensible, when it's actually an application I'm opening and not an image I want to open in Preview.Why would you ever use launchpad when you've had spotlight since Tiger?
Is this a Lion problem? When I download a rar or zip or whatever and decompress it, sometimes the files will be locked and I need to open them individually. A message will pop up telling me that I downloaded an application from the internet. Really awful when this happens to a manga I want to read. EDIT: Andysol and DocNo42, please kiss Apple's ass elsewhere you blind mindless apologists. And learn how to edit your fucking posts.
No one has mentioned hackintoshing?
I just want to be able to set whether my windows reopen on startup once and have my preference saved. Also: would like to be able to turn off automatic termination for Preview and TextEdit. And I can't use any multitouch gestures when dragging icons. I'd also like to be able to more fully customize my gestures. I think that's it. Oh, and the input menu sometimes forgets to hide input source name when I log in. And an option for rounded corners on the bottom of windows...
Read this on netkas last night. All the OS needs is framebuffer drivers.
You missed the Dreamcast which shipped with a built-in modem Nov/1998.
I wish Nintendo would make a gaming-focused PMP or smartphone that ran iOS so I don't have to pay out the ass for traditional games or save money buying shit games.
I think the traffic lights should have gotten bigger, not smaller. A really weird decision on Apple's part.
He wouldn't have made so much to have to let it trickle down if the system weren't a crooked piece of shit.I have a rock that keeps tigers away. I've never been attacked by any tigers so far so it must be working.
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