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Hi, I recently picked up a macbook from ebay (core duo 1.83) and I noticed today that it makes a quiet but definitely present whining sound. And I tried the open photobooth trick that I knew about for the macbook pros and it made the whining stop...so do the macbooks have this problem too? and will apple do anything about it or do they only have a policy for pros?
was that in general? I'm interested in running some not too new games occasionally (c&c generals, age of empires 3, etc) so that's my primary concern... and does the performance gain of bumping up to 1.25gb outweigh the loss in video?
Hey all, I just picked up a macbook and I know that supposedly if you use non-matching pairs of ram in this puppy the video performance suffers. I'm just wondering if there's any proof of that and if so, how much of a difference does it make? I wanna run parallels so 1gb might not be enough but 2gb is a little more than I wanna spend...but I don't wanna further hinder the already hinderous GMA video...
it'll be here afterwards...just make sure you don't go to any news sites cause the news will for sure be everywhere http://www.apple.com/quicktime/guide/appleevents/
is it just me or is the apple store still down? does that indicate they may be doing more than updating the macbook?
I used to use one of those as a light server/browsing station and it worked quite well, just make sure you upgrade the ram and do not upgrade to tiger...panther is pretty much the sweet spot performance wise for that machine
so cloning to an external wouldn't fix the corruption?
Hi, I've got a powerbook that's a few years old but still in pretty good shape. One major annoyance is almost every time I reboot it recently, it wants to check the disk. Then I reboot and so fsck in single user and it usually finds a problem or two to fix. Occasionally but more frequently now I need to run disk warrior to get it to boot. Can this be an indication of an impending death? or something else?
what you gotta do is run the boot camp installer and when it extracts all of the stuff to Program Files but before it fails and consequently deletes that folder, copy the folder with all the drivers somewhere else then just point device manager to that folder and you should be able to get most of your devices working...wireless worked better for me than in xp (in XP it seems to have a 105kb/s limit or something..very strange) although it refused to auto-connect to my...
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