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I tried beta 2 on my iMac and after a few tricks, I've gotten it working..and it runs reasonably well... the nannyware is incredibly annoying...start a program on a cd or open any settings and it asks a few times to make sure you are sure you want to do something... they should have a setting when you first boot after install to set the nanny level to either a n00b level or a l33t level... and people complain about Apple's UI being inconsistent...wow Vista will...
I've got a 17" imac core duo and I've got the Sims 2 and Quake 4 installed. Whenever I try to install any of the recent patches, the installer icon appears in the dock and starts to bounce but then the whole machine freezes up and i have to power it down... anyone got any ideas? thanks in advance!
yes, the ibooks used to only be able to mirror displays... as for the macbook, i believe it can run either a 20 or 23" cinema
1gb of ram for intel macs from gigaram costs $82 at newegg..and many reviews of intel mac owners sucessfully using it...so it's the best sure deal i've seen if you want to bump it... a little disappointed with the gma950 but it's not that terrible and i could care less about black laptops...that's so 90s and a total marketing ploy for the novelty factor...sure there are some resons it's useful esp for professionals, but the macbook isn't their professional line..
Hi everyone, I have a surround set but it only has an analog input and I don't want to deal with a converter and all that, so I'm looking for the most affordable set I can get that'll work with my new iMac Core Duo...any suggestions? Thanks!
i'm a longtime powerbook user but i'm about to pitch my homebrew desktop for a 17" core duo...hopefully my hardware tweaking itch won't bother me too much (to be honest, I haven't really upgraded any major components in a couple of years) hopefully someone will get a processor replacement guide by the time merom chips come out
to those who have a macbook pro and have had a powerbook...how is it compared to the whisper of a powerbook? (i mean when not making the whine)
with the upcoming price cuts for core duo chips, that's not inconceivable...either that or perhaps a price cut on current models.. Apple hopefully realizes they need more frequent model updates and price cuts if they're gonna remain competitive in the intel marketplace
hopefully apple is paying attention to what users are finding and yelling at the manufacturers to fix what they're doing and to follow the users lead as to how much thermal paste...cause if they can get such a significant drop in temperature, they'd have a lot more happy customers
here's the intel build http://www.gibix.net/dokuwiki/enrojects:sheepshaver
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