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yeah, i'm not too concerned if there aren't but it would at least be nice to know how the new ibooks stack up against the powerbooks because wwdc or not, those are overdue an update..but if nothing happens by early june, i'm springin for the powerbook
yeah, the hard drive in my g3 700mhz ibook is on its last legs so i'll probably sell it and the B&W and get a mini...and ask for a 15" powerbook...just unsure if I should wait to see what goodies wwdc brings...and the ibook update that should be here oh, about...now!
what about expandability? a mini isn't as expandable as the B&W. Also, is a 12" advisable for college? I like the idea of a widescreen 15" powerbook (if budget allows) but i'm wondering if it might become too heavy and bothersome to carry around...
hello everyone. I'm trying to figure out two things. First, whether or not I should spend $200 to upgrade my Blue and White G3 or I should just get a mini. Why would one or the other be better? Also, if I do upgrade the Blue and White, the best deals I've seen so far are $185 for a 700mhz G4 or $220 for a 1ghz G3..which of those are a better deal? Thanks! p.s. I might upgrade the blue and white anyway if I get a powerbook, but because of money reasons, would only be...
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