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you can emulate up to OS 9.0.4 with sheepshaver...there is an intel alpha build around somewhere...
I wonder if it will be possible to hand a gpu over to an emulator if you have, say, a dual SLI system. There are even laptops coming out with dual SLI graphics built in...if you could keep one for the host OS and give the other to the guest, that's the only feasible way I can see a VM getting good graphic performance (with current technology that is)
and logistically, it makes sense for doing work because who wants to sit there while their macbook reboots every time they want to use an app in the other OS
glad to hear you're enjoying it it certainly will be interesting to see who comes out on top of the possible VM wars in the next year or so...Parallels has the early lead but the vets at VirtualPC or VMWare may find a more effective solution...although CPU-wise, it seems it will be hard to beat Parallels(Anandtech found in some tests, parallels scored higher than bootcamp)
I think i'll do both when I get my iMac put one on an external, one internal...i'm guessing bootcamp doesn't work external?
yes, from what i've read on their forums, cpu-wise tasks are running about 90% of native speed, which is quite good even compared to virtual pc on windows... the main area where performance is lost is in video as video is controlled by MacOS X and there are issues with the software properly utilizing it, which Parallels has said they will fix in their next major release.. all in all, it looks very promising and it seems like they should get the mini problems worked out...
is it people with older or newer ones that are getting it to work?
Is it true that intel's hardware VT tech is enabled on the imac and macbook pro but not the mac mini? that would be a deal-breaker for me with the mini..
does it still make the really long, loud beep when applying like with the old G3 and G4 powermacs?
did you apply the firmware update? apple released new firmware for all intel models..
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