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My guess is that it merely enables the BIOS compatability mode in EFI...but technically, any OS could be installed now
as for the hack's graphics, they work fine and are accellerated on the mac mini, there's even a video floating around of someone playing halflife 2 on one and it looks quite good! now as for the radeon based intels, those are going to possibly need a custom video driver...so dual booting for gaming purposes is mostly still not viable for intel mac users who actually have video horsepower
I think we can safely say they aren't doing anything.. perhaps something monday or tuesday... perhaps they think the press will trumpet their anniversary enough (and they have no new goodies to unleash)? or will they wait a year to release a TAM?
ah so there's no one day admission or 'keynote pass' sort of thing?
My travel plans bring me through San Fran the week of WWDC, but there's no way I'm gonna pay $1000+ to get inside the doors...are there any other options? Thanks.
looking into my apple event crystal ball i see... "your guess is as good as mine" huh since when did this thing start having a sense of sarcasm?
I have some choice words for analysts that think they can predict Apple's moves for 4 years into the future...for all we know, the iPod might not be around and something more awesome might be around....
nevermind...fixed by re-applying 10.4.5 combo updater
So one day I reboot my powerbook and login and everything in the upper right corner is gone, clock, airport, bluetooth...if i open adium though it shows up in the corner..although alone here's the weird part if I go into system prefs and try to turn the clock on, if i switch to another part of that pane or a different pref pane, it deselects..not to mention even when i turn it on it doesn't show up.. also I noticed that when I try to go into the sound preference pane,...
ok, put the powerbook into target mode and connect it to the imac. Then, put the restore discs into the imac and reboot, holding down c to boot off the restore disc. Then when choosing where to install, your powerbook should show up as a firewire drive in the choices, just pick that and it should install...hopefully it'll install the right stuff for the powerbook.
New Posts  All Forums: