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I seriously doubt Apple would let their much praised, clean, industrial design be tainted with an Intel sticker...maybe one on the box, but certainly not on the 'book..
starcraft check dhcp check lookin good so far...
actually I am considering warcraft 3..i don't see how that's a first person shooter...and of course, diablo as well
just wondering if anyone knew anything I should prepare for especially...also I'm looking for games that work cross platform well, mostly non-fps games...any advice would be appreciated!
the 1st rev AlBooks are known for RAM imcompatibility issues. I have a 1Ghz 15" and I tried 3 different manufacturers before I got a stick to work, I ended up with Lifetime Memory. First thing to be sure of is that the stick is PC2700.
keep in mind switching over pro systems will most likely happen later because those are the users who will have the biggest problem because they need their apps ported, running final cut pro under rosetta for example, will not cut it
it would work in a firewire enclosure as well..good luck!
If i'm gonna invest in a 23" iMac and I intend to actually use front row, I want an HD tuner built in... talk about pie in the sky to begin with
It should just run as if it were on a G3, slow but still usable
i'm sure the A/V out cables have to work with your tv, otherwise what would be the point of also selling a dock with remote for hooking up to your tv? as far as the video goes, I'm wondering if it can display video higher resolution than the ipod's screen on the tv...?
New Posts  All Forums: