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I'm unsure about how it gets movies, but I watched steve demo it and it seems like it grabs the music from itunes, the photos from iphoto, and tv shows you have downloaded in itunes and movie trailers it streams from their website, probably via itunes if you like integration, you'll love it
Hello, i've got a Proview 17" lcd hooked up to my pc and I swap it with my powermac g4 as well. When the screen goes to sleep (turns screen off and power led goes to amber) it seems to make a very annoying and repetitive beeping sound while it's asleep..I listened around it and it sounds like it's coming from the back somewhere...anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
apparently 12PM CST from what i've gathered from other posts...that couldn't come soon enough to stop this crazy speculation
and now think secret agrees with video ipods
any idea what time the keynote will be?
The RedEye in Chicago quoted both appleinsider and thinksecrets predictions...very strange that the media thinks that reporting on rumors is journalism
gross now what can you do with it
i hope you provide some details before think secret sees this thread and posts a proclaimation of their own...but this would rock my socks...and explain the lack of recent 'great products in the pipeline'
i've had an 80gb 7200 in my imac for over a year now and it's my server so it's on constantly..no problemo
reguardless of when these processors will be ready, apple needs to ship intel macs by macworld sf otherwise they will definitely be loosing as much if not more of their market share than they've picked up in the past year or two. My powerbook is great and will certainly tide me over until the switch. But it's becoming harder and harder for me to recommend a mac laptop to people with the lack of updates. Uncle Stevie, where are your 'great products in the pipeline' now?
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