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I've got a 1Ghz AlBook and after recently trying to share internet connections and use my ipod via firewire, I realized it wasn't working. I looked in system profiler and the firewire bus was blank...nothing there...I rebooted into target disk mode and connected it to my powermac, and it showed up without a problem...so how did Tiger forget of the existence of my firewire ports and how do I get them back? Thanks.
alrighty, thanks again everyone, the AI forums really rock!
once the pc game market dies, which arguably, it might sometime soon because of the lack of originality and because of next-gen consoles, smaller devs will come up with more innovative new games and apple could convince them to develop for mac or at least in parallel with win
just wondering...will the sawtooth take pc133 sticks as well as pc100? and can I use 512 sticks or am i limited to 256? thanks guess i'm gonna wait a week or two anyway to see if the upgraded mini rumor is true...that'd probably trump my sawtooth
yeah, i've never expeienced memory bandwidth problems so i'm unfamiliar with how it'd effect performance...anyway, i was just planning on using it for my day to day work in college(space is not a factor) and i'm a cs major...I enjoy some gaming on the side as well..
yeah, i was planning to get a new video card for about $90 as well...or try flashing one lying around...and maybe getting a new hard drive, which would put me at about the same price as a mini...but a tower is expandable and it *should* be faster than a mini...right? (i'm pretty much decided on the 1.6ghz one)
add to that, windows vista will somewhat force developers to code with directx as they somehow crippling opengl support also, is it me or is the sims 2 highly unoptimized? the required specs are about the same as X2 The Threat, yet X2 runs great on my 1ghz pb, but the sims 2 is unplayable
Yeah, we're talkin preferably less than $300, maybe a little over so far, i'm thinking between the PowerLogix PowerForce47 G4/1.6GHz with 512K 1:1 L2 Cache - $270 and OWC Mercury Extreme G4@1.2GHz with 2MB L3 Cache - $250 OR Sonnet Encore/ST G4/1.2GHz Processor Upgrade W/ 2MB L3 Cache - $250 first off, what difference, if any, is there between the two 1.2ghz models..and how does the 1.6 compare considering it's got less cache? also, all of these the best deals to...
anyone know the cheapest mac tv tuner available? (usb of course)
huh? almost every current mac model is sporting an ati chipset/card...
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