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ok, after i tried all of those, it finally slowly logged in...then i copied my preferences folder back and rebooted..and it logged in fine again...so i guess it was the fonts folder? Also, are these fonts necessary or is there a place I can put them so they won't screw up my login but they'll be available if any app needs them?
Code: rm -rf /
Hello, I have a Powerbook G4 1ghz with 10.4.2 and today it seemed to spontaneously stop logging in. I only have one user and after i type in my password, the login window goes away. But, it just sits there with the login background and finder never shows up. Meanwhile, the hard drive sounds like it's working a lot and I shut it off after letting it sit for 10 minutes. So, I tried repairing permissions, verifying the disk, and rebuilt the drive with disk warrior and it...
haha, 'fraid not...it's strange...that test came back with no problems when i ran it with the 1gb and one 256mb inside...and it hasn't crashed since and I tried a game or two...also, before it was kernel panicing on booting with just the 1gb so that alone wasnt a solution...no idea as to why it's acting fine now..probably won't after a reboot...so should i wait a few more days and see if things stabilize or just return it? edit: sure enough, one reboot later and it...
Hello, I have a 15" 1ghz albook. I had two sticks of 256mb ddr2700 samsung memory in there that came with the powerbook. Just recently, I bought a 1gb stick of kingmax from newegg. and there were many reviews from powerbook owners that said it worked here http://secure.newegg.com/NewVersion/...82E16820155111 when I put the 1gb in with one of the 256 in there, things start crashing like crazy, it sometimes won't wake from sleep, and it's just a mess. I tried it with...
the most surprising thing is how long these products have had the same video chipsets...especially the 9200..that's a few years old by now
friend of mine was a highschool senior and got an ibook...they even looked at her id
i don't know about you but my 1ghz 15" gets too hot..can feel the heat through the desk sometimes..i'm probably gonna get an ilap though
yeah, i had one of those and it did get quite warm, it seemed with more ram. also, maybe you have a widget in tiger that's taking too much cpu and not idling when dashboard isn't active, thus it's accessing the hard drive and cpu more
dual core is looking unlikely at the moment... soonest thing is probably a slight speed bump so the ibook isn't stepping on its toes when it gets bumped (hopefully soon) I got a used 1ghz powerbook to tide me over til the intels (probably rev 2)
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