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You can turn all-caps back on. Settings>General>Accessibility>Keyboard>Show Lowercase Keys (turn off).
 That's a little short sighted. Sure, I can push the button on my switch when I walk in the door to my bedroom. But it's very handy to have a reminder pop up on my watch that I have left lights on at home when I've gone to walk the dog and now I'm a quarter of a mile away. The Lutron app asks if I would like to have the lights turned off. Then, when I come back home, and it's now dark, the lights turn on as I approach.The solution I have cost more than a regular light...
I know this is slightly off-topic but I had to turn off iCloud Music Library because it didn't properly match too many of my songs. It's absolutely necessary that some of my songs are an exact match, not a this-is-pretty-close. Does anyone know if there is a way to force an upload for an improperly matched song?
I use a photo sharing app that only added Share Sheet functionality about 6 weeks ago.  Seriously?!?! Your app's main function is sharing photos and you wait almost a year to allow me to add your app to my Share Sheet?  Ridiculous. ​I really hope devs start adding new functionality (deep linking, for example) soon.
All you do is hold your iPhone 6/6+ up to the terminal, even when it is locked, and then place your finger on the Home button for about a second when prompted. It's pretty simple. It's even easier than removing a wallet, removing the card, swiping it (hopefully once), returning it to your wallet and then putting the wallet back.I'm surprised that someone who can apparently sign up for an iOS 9 beta and get it downloaded and installed has trouble with using Apple Pay.
I used it twice today out of three purchases (including gas where it isn't accepted yet). I keep finding more places to use Apple Pay and I love not having to carry a wallet all the time.
Thank you for your kind and enlightening response.My thoughts differ.If I want to listen to Taylor Swift I can tune to my local pop radio station and hear her, likely in a short while, followed by other pop music. Or, I can go to Apple Music, enter her name and listen to her immediately followed by other pop music. These two models sound similar.The local station pays licensing fees to play music, so does Apple Music. ASCAP (and others) have complex methods to determine...
I think you may have misread my post. I was asking why streaming was bad for the artist, as FreeRange is saying. You listed a bunch of reasons why it's good for the listener, and I agree.hillstones says more money is paid by terrestrial radio, but I can't find anything that clearly states that. The methods used to figure out licensing rates for terrestrial radio are varied enough and have many levels so it is unclear how much an artist earns when their song is played (and...
How is this model worse than having their music played on terrestrial radio, which is a similar all-you-can-eat plan and doesn't cost the listener any money?
Is Garth Brooks still contractually obligated to release his music through Walmart? Maybe that contract causes a problem for him to do things in new, different ways.
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