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You're right, no one has the right to come into your house. However, if someone does and it's because you only closed your screen door, didn't lock it and left all your interior lights on so we could see you weren't home I would certainly think you could have done a better job protecting yourself.I'm in the middle here. Do I think the celebrity photo theft was right? No. Do I feel for these actresses who have had private moments exposed? Yes. Do I think the perpetrators...
If Amazon ends up paying a fine of $32.5 million that would be devastating to their profits that quarter. Maybe even that half.
To me this it's more like promoting a show on Broadway with only a facade.  People can walk a little way in, get a taste of what the show is and pique their interest, maybe enough to decide to see it.  Then they need to leave that location, go to a theater off Broadway to where the rent is cheaper but still pay the Broadway rate in order to actually see the show. It's the digital equivalent to the Gateway stores. You could go in, browse and even handle the merchandise but...
As allenbf noted, the systems is pretty cool.  However, I think the iPod touches are only being used when the RFID systems can't read a ticket.  I was there last week and every time I tried to enter a park using the RFID scanners my ticket didn't work.  Whichever cast member who happened to be standing at the station I was attempting to go through would have me try my ticket 3 times (hold ticket to the Mickey Ears logo, then my finger to the scanner) before asking...
  This is the same at Home Depot.  I used to work at a saw manufacturing company, years ago they were trying to get into Home Depot but couldn't come to reasonable terms (their products do now grace the shelves at HD).  Our VP of Sales told us his team went in with a great presentation.  The HD team cut them off short and basically told them, "Just give us the lowest price possible and it must be lower than any price you give to anybody else."  It's their way or the...
iTunes is showing me the file is 887.6MB.
I was teased! After I saw this I went to iTunes and clicked "Check for Update" and sure enough the dialog box opened saying there was an update available! When I clicked "Download and Install" nothing happened. I waited about 15 seconds and tried again and go the standard "5.1.1 is the current version" message. Boo! EDIT: After some more persistent clicking it's now downloading! (6 minutes to go, BTW...)
Agreed. Not only do I not want to see the buttons for services I don't use but I want to see buttons for the ones I do use (I'm thinking Glassboard right now). It would be great if there was an API that any service could tap into to add a Share Button. Let it all be managed in a Preference Pane.Also, make it available on iOS and OS X.
Also a change from 2010 when I picked up my iPhone 4 on its June 24 launch day, a Thursday.And from the iPhone 4S announcement on October 4, 2011, a Tuesday.I also clearly remember my wife giddily awaiting the delivery of her per-ordered original iPad on its launch day - Saturday, April 3, 2010.
  How do you do that?  I'm running ML but am not sure how this works.   Thanks,
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