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It used to be two CPU purchases per year (one desktop and one laptop), but Apple reduced it now to only one machine per year at EDU pricing. However, if you want to get in on the EDU discount without being a student, go see my post over at MacNN. http://forums.macnn.com/showthread.p...postid=1494994
message deleted... Sorry, I tried to delete the post, but it gives me an error. Admins, please delete this post.
Has anyone had any success using this OpenRTSP program to save the keynote stream. See the thread linked below for more details. Does the export thing described above work? I doubt it. http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=399830
So whats the latest news on this front? Has the file been posted anywhere? Or has anyone figued out how to successfully save the stream with that OpenRSTP program?
Well, I downloaded the OpenRTSP program. And I was able to compile it and get it running on OS X. The documentation says use the -q flag to have it generate a QuickTime file to stdout. I ran this command: ./openRTSP -q rtsp://a1517.v14244.c1424.g.vq.akamaistream.net/5/1517/1424/300_3/1a1a1afe63d20071e55b89ea5aca369bc92c9b0837aa0f72e7 59beed57cc3a69e057bb1e7dafdf0f42/wwdc_300.mov And the program started running, and produced this output... Opened URL...
Unfortunately an executable for that program is not available. It has to be compiled from SourceCode, and likely will take a big bit of work to get that done. If anyone is successful in compiling the OpenRTSP program for Mac OS X, and then it indeed works successfully to save the WWDC 2003 Keynote to a local QuickTime file, then PLEASE contact and let me know how or send me the executable. Thanks!
Hi, In the past there have been discussions on how to download the keynote streams. I can't seem to find one of those discussions now. Can someone please tell me how to download / save the WWDC 2003 keynote presentation. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!
I saw this screenshot over at RumorTracker, and it got me pretty excited. I haven't seen any other sites carry it, and most people there seem to think its fake. But I don't really find any of there arguements convincing. What do you guys think? http://www.rumortracker.com/comments.php?id=67_0_1_0_C
Actually Applenut, Apple has indeed rented theaters to show the keynote addresses in the past. But the last time, to my knowledge, that they did so in the state of Ohio was July 1999 when I attended the MWNY keynote at a high school auditorium in Cincinatti.
Hi All, I am posting this message for a friend of mine. He has spent a lot of time, money, and sweat to amass a huge collection of AppleStore shirts. He has 37 shirts (one not pictured below) from 17 different AppleStores all sealed in their original tubes. He is looking for a buyer for this collection. The starting bid is $4,000.00 US dollars. Serious inquires only please. Post reply with your contact info if you are interested in buying and I will contact you, Thanks! ...
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