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This will be an amazing tool to aid switchers!
I stated Apple adopting AMD processors as very real possibility in a Jan 4, 2010 piece titled, 2010 - What's in store for the Mac? Note that I state the following under speculation #1 Speculation 1 - Apple adopts AMD processors Ok, this one is out there but not outside the realm of possibility. By adopting AMD processors, Apple could open several doors for the Mac. I highlight two: 1. It could strengthen Apple's bargaining position with Intel over...
I hear ya, it's good enough for the masses not the movie buffs or audiophiles. Over the long-term, quality of digital versions (via download) will increase. The key constraints are bandwidth and the terms imposed by the content owners.
Well, if you look at the "economics" of information goods (bits), you'll see that the marginal cost of selling a digital copy of say a movie, song, etc is essentially zero. Store it once, sell it numerous time. The scale is enormous. Thus, it's more economical for companies to sell a digital version over a physical version. In terms of scale, there are higher returns. The consumer ends up paying less because the price point is lower but the company selling the good...
The chances that Apple adopts BluRay is slim to none. Look at the overall strategy and industry trajectory. Physical media is dead. Apple wants to build up the iTunes platform as a distribution hub.
Overall, these are solid updates in my view. I ordered the 15-inch Intel Core i7 2.66GHz
I'll be replacing my early 2008 MBP with one of these new models
Good question ... I like to markup my books when I read them, especially textbooks so I don't have to re-read anything in the event I need to go back to a book or chapter.
Clearly Jobs was pissed about the comments yesterday on CNBC. I'm sure the Apple lawyers had worked in stipulations that if anyone were to release product information before the event, Apple would have the right to sever the agreement.
The iBook app looks just like Delicious Library
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