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So how does this work when getting the new "iPhone5S"? Can I go in before "Sept 20" and trade in if I'm having the new one delivered to my door? Will the Apple Store be able to handle the trade in's for people getting the new one on "Sept 20"? (I am assuming the rumored name and date.) And, yes, the trade in value is not as much as selling privately, but I like the convenience.
    You are right - there's a lot you don't know about me! 
Current iPod Touch 32GB is $299, then add in the cellular for $130 like on the iPad, gives $429. Now with a lower cost materials, $399 seems doable.
I'm hoping the 5 vs the 2 will be similar to the 2 vs the original. The 2 is so much nicer - thinner, lighter than the original and just feels great. I haven't gotten the 3/4 because they don't feel better than the 2. I'm looking forward to a better feeling 5 and the awesome screen.
The graphics and many other changes are for the new Mac's next week. Not unusual for Apple.
It's a wearable computer, not a watch! Why compare it to a watch? Do you compare an iPhone to a pocket watch since the iPhone displays the time?
I think we will see a lot of this - people selling this year to avoid the tax hike for next year. And of course, when taxes go up, the economy will stall, causing stock prices to go down, so another reason to sell this year. (Though the stock market is expecting this also, so prices should not plummet.....)
If you upgrade the processor on the US Apple Store, the shipping time goes up (5-7, 7-10 days) much higher than the usual 1-3 days.
Nor for me.
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