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I am still surprised that Apple has seemingly abandoned the 3.5/4" market. It's in Apple's DNA to make things smaller. I obviously know nothing, but I still expect a top end 4" that will be the thinnest and smallest ever. Just like the Plus has OIS, there may be somethings less capable then the other premium iPhones but it's form factor will be the key feature. Maybe the home button will be in the screen eliminating most of the chin.
AI review mentioned iOS - wow! Fortunately half the article told us how to use as an android phone. Must be a slow day...
And what did you learn about this one and how it works with iOS? And how do I know to skip this one where at the end it basically said it sucks and iOS is not mentioned? I think Suddenly Newton had excellent points.
SolipsismX - tookieman2013 said it well - odd review for Appleinsider. I would rather see elevator photos and DED commentaries, or at least products that don't suck. As an Apple affecianado, tell me what I should buy. But if AI is moving to become a c|net competitor, so be it. I'll just be elsewhere.
I'm not sure why this is on AI. If I want reviews of android based car accessories like this I'll go to an android site. I would be ok of comparing to a CarPlay after market device
Steve Ballmer II
So how does this work when getting the new "iPhone5S"? Can I go in before "Sept 20" and trade in if I'm having the new one delivered to my door? Will the Apple Store be able to handle the trade in's for people getting the new one on "Sept 20"? (I am assuming the rumored name and date.) And, yes, the trade in value is not as much as selling privately, but I like the convenience.
    You are right - there's a lot you don't know about me! 
Current iPod Touch 32GB is $299, then add in the cellular for $130 like on the iPad, gives $429. Now with a lower cost materials, $399 seems doable.
I'm hoping the 5 vs the 2 will be similar to the 2 vs the original. The 2 is so much nicer - thinner, lighter than the original and just feels great. I haven't gotten the 3/4 because they don't feel better than the 2. I'm looking forward to a better feeling 5 and the awesome screen.
New Posts  All Forums: