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Maybe he got a lot of pushback from Tesla customers who also were Apple users. My neighbors are Tesla owners and wear an Apple Watch, own iPhone 6's and iMacs; they weren't too pleased when they heard Musk trashtalking Apple.
Musk sounds like Michael Dell when the latter made the comment about selling off Apple and returning the money back to its stockholders back in the late 90's when Steve a Jobs rejoined Apple.
It would be nice if they can get a professional 3D modeling app like Cinema 4D or Maya running on it.
Here's another glowing review. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movie/steve-jobs/review/820561
Woz gives it a thumbs up. http://deadline.com/2015/09/steve-wozniak-says-steve-jobs-the-movie-gets-it-all-correct-1201516399/
According to an interview of the actor Michael Stuhlbarg who plays Andy Hertzfeld, the actors spent two weeks rehearsing each act before shooting the act and then doing the same thing for the other acts, which gives the whole thing a theatre play-like experience.
I'm running Windows 10 in Fusion. While it is a huge improvement from Windows 8.1, I really don't see much of an improvement over Windows 7 other than a cleaner look.
I'm reading Becoming Steve Jobs, which is a much better book than Walter Isaacson's official biography, and this trailer makes me think a lot about Becoming Steve Jobs.
People are inevitably going to forget that their Apple watches are not that waterproof, and you're also going to see YouTube videos of people wearing it underwater and then complaining afterwards that their watches are defective.
Quality control in both hardware and software seems to have gone down since Steve Jobs died. Tim Cook needs to make fixing this first a top priority before it becomes ingrained in the brand instead of releasing new products at a fast pace.
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