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That infotainment system of Lamborghini looks fugly.
I use Cinema 4D R15 on my Macbook Pro 2012, and I have not had any "flaky" problems with it. I would love to have the new Mac Pro to speed up the rendering process.
I'm just waiting for Apple to announce that the new 12-core Mac Pro is shipping so that I can use my credit card to place an order.
Apple just has to announce the availability of the Mac Pro for orders, and I'll be first in line to get it!
Of course I do, but if they want apps to be ready for iOS 7 when it gets released, then they need to work overtime to give us a reliable build of Xcode, which is still currently in Developer Preview. September 10 is not that far away if that really is the release date.
If so, then Apple needs to fix the numerous bugs still present in both iOS 7 beta and Xcode 5 before then.
It's working for me.
I'm ordering the new Mac Pro as soon as it is available.
Just another greedy politician.
I've had nothing but problems with Mountain Lion. I first upgraded my late 2008 Macbook Pro from Lion to Mountain Lion and then began experiencing Finder freezes and unresponsiveness several times a day that would force me to shut it down using the Power button. Good thing I backed up my hard drive prior to upgrading. I finally switched back to Lion and haven't had a problem since. Thinking that it was just a hardware incompatibility, I got a 2012 Macbook Pro (non-Retina...
New Posts  All Forums: