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I can think of a rival tech company that might have the motivation to drum up bad publicity for iCloud and Apple.
Crap. I just finished learning Objective C and started writing an app. Now I have to learn Swift when the teaching materials come out and rewrite my app using it. Just did a quick look at the language guide and some of it reminds me of Javascript.
I've been waiting for Apple to release a 4K 32" Apple Cinema Display with Thunderbolt 2. Maybe at WWDC next month?
I still have Apple's CD-ROM version of the book which was created using Hypercard, I believe.
So in other words, Android users are more likely to belong with the Wal-Mart shoppers?
Volvo showed off their new interface for their Volvo Concept Estate, which looks suspiciously like an iOS GUI. http://www.autoblog.com/2014/02/27/volvo-infotainment-user-interface-concept-estate-geneva/
According to Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, SJ was actively coming up with ideas of improving the design of medical devices and equipment such as his oxygen monitor while he was confined in 2009 following his liver transplant. Perhaps this was his decree to Tim Cook and other Apple executives after he got out.
That infotainment system of Lamborghini looks fugly.
I use Cinema 4D R15 on my Macbook Pro 2012, and I have not had any "flaky" problems with it. I would love to have the new Mac Pro to speed up the rendering process.
I'm just waiting for Apple to announce that the new 12-core Mac Pro is shipping so that I can use my credit card to place an order.
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