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And why won't the People's Republic of China, supposedly a workers' paradise, simply enforce their own labor laws instead of leaving it up to foreign companies to do so?
I've been trying to learn Dashcode, and the biggest stumbling blocks include the paucity of books that teach one how to utilize it and the fact that some features don't work like they should like adding photos to your widget and not seeing them when you build them. Hopefully the increased interest in building widgets for iBook Author will spur Apple to update the app as well as stimulate experienced Dashcode developers to write better books on how to learn how to use it.
I still remember when Apple had only $4 billion when Jobs returned to Apple and all the Microsoft fanboys were just waiting for Apple to run out of cash and sell itself to Sun. I'm sure Apple still remembers those days too.
I hope it makes designing multimedia, programmed instructional texts where the reader answers questions after reading a small piece of information and gets immediate feedback for positive reinforcement dead easy. Trying to do it on Authorware, Director and iShell was a real pain.
Apple is doomed, doomed, says Acer.
Sooner or later, we'll all inevitably come to the end of the road. Whether or not there is an afterlife or just an on-off switch to your existence, just hope that when it does happen that you can face it surrounded by your loved ones instead of alone by yourself.
Many people have difficulty displaying human intelligence.
I wish Apple could have gotten Douglas Rain( voice of HAL 9000) and Paul Bethany ( voice of Jarvis in Iron Man) to provide alternatives to the current voice of SIRI. Maybe even the actress who mimicked Majel Barret-Roddenberry as the computer of the Enterprise in the Star Trek reboot.
No, I don't claim to be a Christian nor will I ever do so, so I can damn them as much as I want.
There is a special place in Hell reserved exclusively for the members of this group.
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