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What do you expect when non-violent nutjobs are no longer incarcerated in mental asylums but instead allowed to roam the streets?
I remember the early days when a lot of people complained about Aqua and created hacks to use the platinum Mac OS 9 theme.
I work in a so called modern health care center, and while it has a lot of the latest whiz-bang technology, a health care facility is only as good as the people running it and is useful to patients only if they can afford its services, which is dictated by their insurance companies.
Will the hospital take MediCal and Medicare patients? How about patients with no medical insurance flooding its ER? How long will it take before the costs of seeing patients begin to outweigh what little reimbursement it gets from the state government, insurance companies and HMOs that refuse to cover all sorts of office visits, medicines and procedures?
If you mean that you've got an old iPhone lying around that you're hoping to use with Verizon, then you're in for a disappointment since that old iPhone uses the GSM system and will be incompatible with the CDMA system that Verizon uses. Perhaps Verizon can announce a trade-in program where ATT users can switch their current iPhones for a Verizon iPhone to encourage people to make the switch.
Consumer Reports is the worst magazine of its kind too. Their ratings system has been consistenly unhelpful, whether it is cars, refrigerators, washing machines or cameras.
Jayne Cobbshttp://www.fireflywiki.org/Firefly/JayneCobb
My thoughts exactly. Get a patent on it so that others like Windows 8 and Android can't use it in their knockoffs, then sue them if they go ahead and do it anyway.
In Steve Jobs' "Back to the Mac" Keynote, Pixelmator made it in the Lion screenshot of apps while Photoshop was MIA. http://www.pixelmator.com/weblog/
As long as Apple shipped its own version of Java, Oracle would have no incentive to make its own most up-to-date version for the Mac. Larry Ellison must have convinced Steve that they can do a better job than Sun at supporting the Mac and it will mean less R&D dollars that Apple has to spend in order to keep Java on the Mac although always one version behind.
New Posts  All Forums: