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Sooner or later, we'll all inevitably come to the end of the road. Whether or not there is an afterlife or just an on-off switch to your existence, just hope that when it does happen that you can face it surrounded by your loved ones instead of alone by yourself.
Many people have difficulty displaying human intelligence.
I wish Apple could have gotten Douglas Rain( voice of HAL 9000) and Paul Bethany ( voice of Jarvis in Iron Man) to provide alternatives to the current voice of SIRI. Maybe even the actress who mimicked Majel Barret-Roddenberry as the computer of the Enterprise in the Star Trek reboot.
No, I don't claim to be a Christian nor will I ever do so, so I can damn them as much as I want.
There is a special place in Hell reserved exclusively for the members of this group.
I want to see the original Think Different commercial redone so as to include a clip of Steve at the end.
Maybe the "weak growth on chip orders and a downturn on displays" refers to orders from Apple.
Maybe a better analogy would be that Nokia must become Microsoft's concubine or slowly die of starvation.
What do you expect when non-violent nutjobs are no longer incarcerated in mental asylums but instead allowed to roam the streets?
I remember the early days when a lot of people complained about Aqua and created hacks to use the platinum Mac OS 9 theme.
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