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Let me correct that for you. It's December 21, 2012. Apple is DOOMED!™
Why not? Google has no qualms about competing with Apple in the mobile device front, so why should Apple keep the gloves on when it involves search engines?
Apple should just give users the ability to change the default search engine from Google to something else on Safari and provide several different choices for people to choose from.
Let's just say that this person I talked to is involved with testing new products.
I recently talked to a someone who works at Apple and asked him about the tablet rumors. All that he would say is that Apple will be releasing a totally new product in the next few months. Whether that new product is a tablet computer or something totally under the radar, he refused to say.
I don't know if this has been discussed before, but in the Ironman movie, Tony Stark appears to use a lot of Macs (judging from the Apple logos behind his monitors in his basement lab) and by the futuristic OS in his office desktop computer. While the monitor in his office shows the Dell label, I saw a futuristic Dock with icons lined up on the right side of the screen just like the current OS X.
I've been waiting 8 years to replace my old PowerPC G4, and it looks like Nehalem is it! As soon as Apple releases a Mac Pro based on Nehalem, I'm going to get one!
That's too bad, because I don't have time to sit in front of a TV to watch NBC's shows, and I watch them on the commuter train on my iPhone while going to work. Oh well, I guess NBC will have to do without another viewer of its programs.
As soon as the iPhone hits the Chinese market, you can bet that copycats will have their own iPhone-like knockoffs available there. China only pays lip service to enforcing copyrights and patents from other countries. They will take the iPhone apart, figure out the multitouch technology and other Apple patented stuff, implement them in their phones and dare Apple to try and block them in Chinese courts.
If you really want to run Vista along with your Win XP copy, just create two virtual machines, one for XP and the other for Vista. That way, if Vista has any serious bugs, you can always run XP instead.
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