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I would like to see Bungie release their next big hit on the iOS platform (and Mac).
So the real reason Apple relaxed its IOS SDK rules is to allow games like Epic Citadel to run on the iPhone and iPad, not because they suddenly fell in love with Adobe Flash.
I wouldn't recommend CR to anyone as well.
A coworker of mine recently got the latest and greatest HTC Android phone from Verizon. She was so proud of it too when she got it. Then Verizon advised her last week to upgrade to Android 2.2. Big mistake. In the process, the update wiped out all her apps and contact information, and she now claims that her phone runs slower. She is so P.O.'d now. I wonder if she will be one of those folks who decide to switch to an iPhone if it becomes available on Verizon.
So let me get this straight, the Apple bashers out there are apoplectic that 1) Steve Jobs dared to reveal to the world that the antenna weak spot on the iPhone 4 that they are all yelling about is a disaster comparable to or even worse than the oil spill in the Gulf is NOT unique to the iPhone and is also present in other smartphones such as those made by RIM and Nokia, that 2) they continue to claim that the problem is actually worse on the iPhone 4 even though the...
Any company that decides to sue Apple had better be prepared for a long drawn out legal battle and being sued right back. Apple has billions to spend on legal fees and suing the pants off companies that claim that Apple infringed on their patents.
This article says it all: http://adage.com/mediaworks/article?article_id=143200
I ordered two 3G 64 Gb iPads and am checking my order several times a day hoping it would finally ship.
CS4 is the last Adobe app suite that I am buying. I see no point in further spending money on upgrades that do only cosmetic changes and minimally change my workflow for the better.
That was just the opening salvo of Apple's revenge on companies that have long treated Mac users as second class citizens. Next, Apple will unveil it's own suite of professional apps for the Mac to kill the overpriced Creative Suite.
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