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I still think apple killing compatbility with the ROKR is pretty shitty.
I'm sure you could find some posts on SomethingAwful. That is a top-tenner though in my eyes.
We had this same problem with the iBooks and Powerbooks of yesteryear. It won't be fixed. With Apple, it's form over function.
Heh. I guess you all are new to EA. This is one of the worst companies in teh entire world. On par with Comcast and AT&T. Yes, really. No I'm not joking. Get ready for broken games and broken promises. Or get an Xbox.
Not to mention Apple was making interest off that money for 6 months. Apple is eating *maybe* 15 million dollars. The amount of positive publicity is worth waaaayyyyyyy more then that.
Is the back still stainless steel?
SDW: Re: bears Are you out of your goddamn mind? Grossman is much better then he was last year. You forget that last year was his first complete year of his career. How many rookies lead their teams to the Super Bowl?Amen brother.
You're really 18? Jesus H. I weep for the state of our youth.
So...that means that the American public is stupid and the democratic congress is chickenshit and ball-less. Yeah, that who I want representing the country.
So you're essentially saying that Hillary would be a better president than Bush becuase she's a Democrat and Republicans have historically done worse things.What a horrible, weak argument.What they're trying to say is that the POTUS is powerless without Congress (which is held by the Dems), which means that the Dems are entirely able to stop the war in Iraq, warrentless wiretapping, ect. But, they don't. They continue to give President Bush what he wants, then whine...
New Posts  All Forums: