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Half-Life doesn't work on your computer because Nvidia's drivers are total trash. That's not Vista...yet. Once NV has decent drivers and performance *still* sucks, we can laugh at Vista.
School on Presidents Day? Ouch.
I have played Resistance on my PS3 for like 10 minutes. It's strictly a Blu-ray player. A lot of gaming on the Xbox 360 though. They both have their nitch.
You're aware that the X1800 was the 7800's competition? The X1900 goes with the 7900GTX.The current X1900XT in the Mac Pro is 1.5 generations behind the top.
Wally: the fact remains that the 8800GTX is trash on Windows. It's obvious you're a troll, but it's well known how many problems there's been with NVDA drivers on Vista and XP. Apple tends to stay a little behind the curve because of driver stability problems which are unacceptable on OS X, but gamers tend to live with. What's the top GPU you can get in any Dell workstation? I assure you it's not the 8800GTX. Maybe *you* should read up before posting with your ass.
If you feel the need to question my usage of Vista, I can safely say that I am very qualified to rip Vista, seeing as I've used every build since before you knew about it. I know what Vista was supposed to be. Vista in its RTM form is like Longhorn with it's balls cut off.Its very unfortunate.
Yeah, Vista is a mess. I bet you the "analyast" from PiperJaffray hasn't even used it.
Last time I had raw oysters, it involved a 105 degree fever, massive amounts of throwing up, and missing 4 days of school. Never fucking again. That was awful. I wish I could've warned you before you put that poison in your stomach.
Blu-ray, because I have a PS3.
Orly? Yarly.
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