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See, if they were a Cinderella team, I wouldn't be nearly as dissapointed.They're so effing good. The offense was there this year, as was the defense. Just...everything sucked.
*sigh* I look like a real asshole now. I feel like one too. The Bears couldn't have played any worse. From the terrible playcalling to shitty Rex Grossman and the get-these-four-downs-over-with-so-we-can-punt offense, it was difficult to watch.
Most people that are picking against the Bears aren't from Indiana.
I just can't put my finger on why *everyone* is picking against the Bears. Is it an OMG PEYTON MANNING thing?
This has *got* to be a joke.
No. I don't think you did. We don't have a Reche Caldwell to drop 3 touchdowns so the Colts can win the game. They're so overrated it's not even funny. The Colts beat the Chiefs because Herm Edwards/Trent Green are teh sux. They didn't score one TD against the Ravens, and the Ravens D is on par with the Bears'. And we all know what happened against the Patriots: How can you take that record, with Peyton Manning's noted ability to choke to death in big games,...
Bears - 62 Colts - 3
I'm thinking it's just the Darwin kernel and the Quartz compositer. Anything more then that and Cingular balks.
I didn't realize iPod was a company. Does www.iPodinsider.com redirect here?
Apple doesn't supply digital media downloads over the Cable TV networks. This suit doesn't actually make sense.
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