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Well, now you know what the song is about
The question is, does anyone actually care? He's been such a prick for so long, I'm just glad I never have to see him on my TV anymore.
S-PVA, and 4GB.Edit: i take that back, several exabytes
I just think it's ugly.iMac Panda!Price is right though, 1200 bucks starting. Either we're seeing a new mini, xMac, or the mini is gone for good.
They shaved a half inch off, but the metal shell with the black border around the screen looks ridiculous....and to think that the iPhone-esque designs were shot down.
I'm really unimpressed.
Darwin is a whole OS based off of XNU.
You're missing a little.XNU is a fucked up hybrid of like 3 or 4 things. I don't really have the knowledge to elaborate but kernelthread does.http://www.kernelthread.com/mac/osx/arch_xnu.html
The funny thing is that Mac OS X's kernel is XNU, a backronym for "X is Not UNIX". Well now XNU *is* UNIX. Hahaha...ha....
There's only 288 million people in your world? Wow, sounds nice. Can I move there?
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