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The charging view on the iPhone w/ the BT headset is pretty slick.
I have had both sides of that. Just a few days ago I brought my iBook power adapter which was fraying and lit on fire. The guy there wouldn't repair it cuz I didn't bring my laptop with me. I came back three days later with my laptop and the guy told me to get a power adapter from teh shelf and swapped it out in under 2 minutes and never looked at my laptop or even asked my name. I had 4 iPod minis and the 4th one was a new 2nd gen. I've had an overwhelmingly good...
What about the Chicago store? Does that one not count as a "flagship" anymore?
Looks like the iPhone took several pretty good lickings from that blender before it gave up the ghost.
Call your Congressman.
No, actually the GPU BIOS edit+NVInject=7900GTX in a Mac Pro.
A BIOS modification lets you put a 7900GTX in a Mac Pro.
Apple is a huge winner, as are the customers because of the fact that someone stood up to a mobile operator. AT&T is the big loser, imo, because they gained a lot of short term subscribers but long term sentiment.
It will be slower. Stick with x86 for now. I could tell you why but I'm busy. Maybe later.
where do you live?
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