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What a well written, concise article.
That means Apple is throwing in 512MB cards but isn't enabling them.Assholes.
No the 7600GT at 1920x1200 is pretty much useless with a game like UT3 And if Epic releases OS X binaries on the disc then you're set.
Yeah Comcast can lick my nuts. Their cable internet, though fast down speeds, is unreliable and PowerBoost is probably the worst thing ever conceived. Let's give people 30 seconds of normal upload speed then cut them at the knees back to shit-ass speed! I hope they all burn in hell. (Okay I'm done.)
no habla espanol.
The video David Pogue put together had me in stitches. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/nytimes-p...iew-272554.php
Obviously...Steve is showing off his new xMac, Macbook Micro, and iPhone all running Leopard with the special features inside. Ahhhhh i'm going nuts. Plz kill me kthx.
Why do you have to be a dick? He's agreeing with you!
In which case they will go up.
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