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Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Xeon. I just think what you said is wrong.
PPC970FX, PPC970MP, 7407?That's hard. Bonus points if you can name the processors "Apple name".
Not quite. The Core 2 family was Merom, Conroe and Woodcrest, the Core 3 will be Penryn, Wolfton, and Tigerton. I think that Nehalem will have a new name.
Yep, exactly what I was about to say.
It's not even close to being finalized. I expect to see that artwork changed in the near future. And if it's not? Well I hate Fedora anyways.
Because a newer Macbook is 100 dollars more.
Please, for the better good of the world, die in a fire.Be a man, take one for the team.
Now we know what was behind the octo-mac delay. Apple *did* have something up it's sleeve.
:] My Crucial RAM always has Micron ICs on them. Maybe you got a really really cheap stick?
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