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The prices on old cores didn't go down, the new sku just was a higher price. Don't expect price drops or anything until AMD's X2900 in May.
They unveiled Gmail on April Fools day too!
It's a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, Azureus is the only thing to use on the Mac. Maybe someday we'll have a lib-torrent based cocoa client. That'll be the day.
The integrated graphics only matter if you're going the Macbook route, everything else doesn't matter too much. The P965 has the higher FSB speeds, but weaker clock timings, making the speed gain almost negligable. If you want a new laptop, don't wait for Santa Rosa, because it really doesn't matter much at all. Wait for the new drives or faster processors, or better battery life or something.
Go for it. Linux is all about choice. I personally hate Fedora, but good luck with that.
Xfce is so crazy fast. It's amazing.
I've been using Xubuntu for about a year now. I'm totally Windows free and it is *great*.
No!Pats > Genos.
Final Cut Pro et al is all bundled into Final Cut Studio.
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