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Sleep pulls like 10W from what i've heard. Running that machine full-blast will pull like 600W though. You don't get a Mac Pro to save energy, that's for sure.
Well, I picked Niagara. Now it's time for my bracket to be systematically destroyed by 63 other teams. Thoughts? Time to vent because your bracket is a complete wash? Prizes for AI member with most money lost in pools. Are you ready?
Let's be fair.She's only lying on one billion dollars. Not quite as comfy.
Adium is the boss. Like Tony Danza.
Not anymore. And anyway, a 10 year old version of Britannica will be more wrong and outdated then even the most pathetic article on Wikipedia.
http://www.beatnikpad.com/archives/2...4/firefox-2002 Optimized for your CPU arch. Noticeably faster then Firefox standard. Spicy...
That's the way it is by default.
Adium is your best bet. You won't get reliable file transfer from *any* third-party client.
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