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  Yeah, Facebook, Twitter, Path, LinkedIn are all free and they send data with encryption.
Apple may indeed hold standard essential patents.  However they are under no obligation to license them.   The standard body in question, can approach Apple to include their patents as part of the upcoming standard. If Apple does want them included, then they agree to license them under FRAND terms.  If Apple doesn't want to include their patents in the, not yet completed, standard, that standard has to then work around the patents.   I believe that's how it works.
Regarding no. 2. The difference in Apple vs. Nokia case, is Nokia was demanding the cross-license for THEIR patents, which isn't allowed.  The potential LICENSEE I believe can still offer their own patents as part of a cross-license.  The SEP LICENSOR, however, CANNOT demand cross-licensing for access to the SEP patents.
  This seems like a fun game people are playing. Samsung shipped double the number of phones than the iPhone.   There, fixed it for you.
Not paying FRAND licensing because you make money is NOT how the patent system works.  How much is made by the infringer is an irrelevant fact.
I wonder just how much of this stuff/tech is actually from Google seeing as there is an awful lot of copyright and data copyright for people other than Google on almost EVERY section of that first video?   I'm guessing, like Apple, most of it's bought in and not the implied "invented at Google".
Apple didn't invent it, Google didn't invent it.  Poly9 certainly demoed this stuff first :P
Not being funny, but something as BIG as an SDK would be something more than a MINOR point release.
The sold/shipped ratio for Apple (iPads) is very close to 1:1.  Mainly due to the fact that it's been almost impossible to get hold of an iPad by just walking into a store.
No, Windows RT does not run regular Windows programs.   And to add to the confusing, part of the underlying technology API that sits between the lowest level and developers is called WinRT.  I mean, what ass-hat named this? (Most likely Balmer)
New Posts  All Forums: