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Many here weren't the CEOs of Blackberry's competitors. Their desire was purely personal. BB's desire is to stem the tide of defectors. While I can understand why he'd want Messages to be cross platform, it's still a bit ridiculous to expect it. There's nothing in it for Apple.
I really dislike the notion that smaller screen phones are, or should be, "low end." It's Apple's obsession with thin that makes it difficult to make a premium phone with a smaller screen. The fact is, I would happily purchase this theoretical 6s if it was performant and had good battery life. And they could likely do it, if they made it as think as an iPhone 4 or 4s.
Pixelmator is selling this for far too cheap. I hope they make their money back on this. I would expect them to pay five times as much.
More of the same BS from Quicken. For years Mac users have been asking for feature parity and file format compatibility and Intuit has ignored them. They're not getting my money.
If a release date hasn't been set, then it can't be delayed.
 Uhm, Fer That's the point. I'm far from the only person. Hence, it's a big problem. And look up the word sanctimonious. I don't see how anyone can feel superior for knowing victims of harassment. Apparently you can. That's your problem, not mine.
Yes. Women are rejected from the tech world in many ways:- they get sexually assaulted at work, and HR brushes it off as "cultural misunderstandings" (even when the victim is from the same place) forcing them to quit- they are treated like secretaries and not assigned harder projects to advance their career, cutting them off from advancing or networking with clients- networking events are held at bars where they are constantly groped, harassed, and even raped, by...
 I've seen stats showing the percentage has declined since the 80s. There's been explosive growth in the tech sector, so by raw numbers, there may be more women, but not by percentages.  You don't think, as a white male, you've never had any advantages? You don't think that maybe those grants are there because they're constantly being turned down for other grants. Maybe you, as an individual, did not find or receive any, but that doesn't mean white males have not been...
Wow, tallest skil and maloderous completely miss the point. Labelling it as "Diversity for Diversity's sake" is lazy and harmful. You are turning a blind eye the fact that are circumstances in society preventing smart and qualified people from being seen or applying to Apple. This is what Cook is talking about. Believing it means Apple will hire someone not qualified for the job just to increase the diversity numbers is a lazy and ignorant take on it.
Agreed. Bose is hoping for an easy settlement from someone with deep pockets.
New Posts  All Forums: