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Then you have some serious wireless interference in your house. AirPlay is lossless.
That hypothetical situation doesn't make sense. So a pedophile that is willing to break a much worse law (molesting a child) is going to be stopped because there's no law allowing him in the bathroom? If he wanted to attack your daughter in a public bathroom he's going to sneak in anyway.
 He may sound like an iHater, but he's right. There are much better headphones to be had for what Beats cost.
It doesn't need to compete with Halo. It'll sell on multiplayer family oriented games.
I see they're really committed to that atrocity that is the ribbon. The ribbon was a replacement for poorly thought out menus, not menus in general. If that ribbon is required, I won't be using it.
 Ha ha, true, but in all honestly, autorelease pools are typically when you need such tight control, and ARC allows for that.  Nitpick: ARC doesn't hand control over to the OS, it hands control over to the compiler. And there are instances where you want tight control over memory, especially when dealing with large, or secure objects.
I've never seen an car maker make an intuitive "infotainment" system. Honda's is garbage, Toyota's is garbage, etc. Car makers that realize this isn't their strong point and outsource it to Apple, Android, and others will be rewarded, especially by those that aren't car enthusiasts. These are the majority of customers, and let's be honest, they care a whole lot more about how to operate their car and what features it has than the brand name on it.
A better quality DAC will make a difference. A resolution higher than 16/44 will not. If you say you can hear the difference, then you are an evolved human indeed. Because nobody has been able to prove they can. Yes, you probably can tell the difference between MP3 and FLAC. But what about just plain ALAC? What about 320kbps AAC?
Many here weren't the CEOs of Blackberry's competitors. Their desire was purely personal. BB's desire is to stem the tide of defectors. While I can understand why he'd want Messages to be cross platform, it's still a bit ridiculous to expect it. There's nothing in it for Apple.
I really dislike the notion that smaller screen phones are, or should be, "low end." It's Apple's obsession with thin that makes it difficult to make a premium phone with a smaller screen. The fact is, I would happily purchase this theoretical 6s if it was performant and had good battery life. And they could likely do it, if they made it as think as an iPhone 4 or 4s.
New Posts  All Forums: