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  The 13" model, in particular, was a bit overpriced. If you chose anything but the base configuration, you weren't far off from the price of the 15" Retina. And the 15" Retina is much faster and has a faster video card.
Better is subjective. The car on the left will break the bank just on gas. Sure, I'd rather drive the one on the left. But I'd rather own the one on the right.
We don't have Pandora in Canada. Apple has the clout to make it happen.
and a little mirror so the infrared remote signal can reach the back of the TV? And don't tell me to use the remote app on my iPhone - a physical button remote is much more usable than a touch screen remote.
I agree with gazoobee. Has Apple ever had a data leak? Is your personal data part of their business model? This survey does not rank Apple on actual criteria just public perception, which is easily manipulated.
So far, so good.
X is a placeholder. The author doesn't know what the version it is or will be. The book it also likely not finished either.
Ha ha, laugh at the green power naysayers. As if the first gasoline engine was as efficient as today's engines. The naysayers are expecting perfection on the first iteration. You have to learn to walk before you can run.
If the delivery man is not on the job and not publicly doing it, I highly doubt he could/would get fired for it.   Maybe Samsung exec didn't consider it "possible."
  Lately? That would imply that investors knew about this already.     Better? These are stupid patents, as are most software and ui-related patents. Remain that way? Please. This is a good start. While it sucks to see it happen to Apple, there needs to be a huge review of everyone's software and ui-related patents. There's a whole lot more that should be invalidated.   What if some no-name company invented multitouch years ago and started suing Apple over it. Who would...
New Posts  All Forums: