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If Apple does a TV, which I'm still skeptical, as the market is highly competitive but yet not that big, they'll do something that hasn't been done before. How many of you have complicated setups with boxes, receivers, inputs, multi-device remotes, etc. that maybe you have figured out, but the rest of your family still struggles with? If Apple does a TV, they will try to solve that problem, in addition to finding the content.
IMHO, if you need more than the stock 8/128 config, and portability doesn't rank high, it's better to get the 15" Retina MBP.
  10.9 was likely started well before 10.8 GM. 
Remember, Apple was developing Into MacOS X years before it switched. Apple is keeping their options open.
Line out is not headphone out. I think the poster was asking why it doesn't get line out through the lightning connector. The answer is because the dock has no smarts - the headphone out is just passthrough.
  Huh? It's $170 cheaper than an iPad 4. What's the problem? If you are going to compare to a refurb iPad 3, then use the refurb iPad mini price to compare. Refurb iPad minis will likely be available before Christmas.   But all of that is moot. Apple doesn't mind if you buy an iPad mini or an iPad 3 - they make money either way. 
Subpixel rendering will also become useless as soon as you rotate the display 90 degrees - a common use case on a tablet.
216 ppi is probably not enough to call it Retina, but it'll be higher resolution than what the rumors are saying the iPad mini will be. We'll have to wait and see. That will put some pricing pressure on Apple, but they likely won't match it. I suspect it'll be 16GB for $299.
      I think you people need to learn some English. "Cum" basically means something that can take on two roles. For example, a singer-cum-actress is someone who can sing and act. It's a real word. Look it up.
On Apple's store right now: USB to 30pin cable: $19. Also, USB to Lightning cable: $19. WTF are you talking about?   And even if it was more, of course they should pass that cost on to us. They're a for-profit business.   If cloners "find a way around this," good for them. Use their products at your own risk. There's a reason I don't use 30-pin cables and chargers from the dollar store today - I don't trust them. I'll buy name brand, and I will in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: