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So, it has a better camera then.   I don't care about inductive charging. My toothbrush has it so they can waterproof the base because, you know, people like to keep their toothbrushes next to the sink. I see no reason why a phone needs it.   Augmented reality apps are not new. There are iPhone apps that do that. Maybe Nokia's is better, I don't know. I've never used one. Yelp and standard maps apps seem to work just fine.   Soooo... other than the camera,...
Of course. Anyone who thought there's production capacity for building Retina 27" screens this year is kidding themselves. They're at least a year or two away.
That is some Sam Malone hair right there.
  Is NFC worth upgrading to? Retail outlets won't be ready for years to come (so why not wait until then), and NFC does not solve a problem that hasn't been solved by barcode scanning.
Turn off Java in your preferred browser.   If you have to visit a site that requires Java - do it in an alternative browser.
They fired him because his services were no longer needed. Yeah, it sucks, but I'm not sure it was lawsuit-worthy. Tim Cook is a different person, he doesn't want someone producing Jobs-style presentations for him. He wants someone who can produce Cook-style presentations.   They should pay him out for the stock though. That might be lawsuit-worthy.
An injunction is appropriate when consumer confusion is at stake. It makes sense because Apple claims (whether or not you agree) that Samsung's product on the market is causing them to lose sales due to confusion. Apple posts a bond in case they lose. If Apple loses, they pay to make up lost sales to Samsung.   Motorola is not claiming consumer confusion. So why, in the heck would you think it's appropriate for Google should get an injunction against Apple's products....
They should have put them on a white background.
I don't understand why people think this is copying MS. MS's cover is a keyboard. There's no display. Or am I mistaken.
I would - many people are buying them to do the same tasks as they do with PCs.   If your goal is to see how many tablets are sold vs. traditional PCs, keep them separate. If your goal is to see how many computing devices companies are selling, include tablets.
New Posts  All Forums: