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Well, for one, they subsidized the development of MacBook Air knock offs by offering a $100million ultrabook development fund so vendors could come close to matching Apple's pricing.
Tim Cook has been CEO for approximately one year. For you to assert with any validity that he is the cause of the "once a year, if that" prospect, you need at least a few years. Apple is not a PC vendor where they issue speed bumps and spec changes every month all for the sake of a couple percentage points of performance increase. They haven't done that in a long time. I don't know why you expect it now. They'll wait until there's a meaningful performance or architectural...
This is a combination of the jack too. The springloaded "tabs" in the jacks should be slanted and smooth enough so the depth doesn't matter.
Not ready to buy in to the "authentication chip" hypothesis. It's more likely to assign proper signalling to the signal pins, and proper current to the power pins.
How does he know these are "authentication" chips and not protocol or power negotiation chips?
  I'll forgive your poor grammar as english may not be your first language. But let me get this straight, you would never buy Apple but you follow Apple rumors enough to know that the iPhone 4s and 5 were exactly like the rumors? You have a "principled" stance against a brand of consumer electronics, but yet you still feel compelled to follow rumors closer than any typical consumer? What a pathetic waste of time. The only people I know who obsess over something they hate...
It's not like concert tickets where you might not get one if you don't camp out, or you want better seats. The iPhone 5 will be here next week, month, etc. I don't see the reason to do it, personally, but, if you find it fun to wait in line, then so be it.
Evernote's iPad app has peak mode. Apple's application was dated Sept. 2010 - which was first?
Unless they can pin a release date down, then this rumor is just more speculation. The average reader can not confirm "up-channel shipping." It's obvious a 13" Retina will be next, especially considering other manufacturers have advertised those screens in their upcoming models.
To be pedantic, it's not optical, it's mechanical. It has nothing to do with the optical properties of the lens, but the system used to stabilize them.
New Posts  All Forums: