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It's not like concert tickets where you might not get one if you don't camp out, or you want better seats. The iPhone 5 will be here next week, month, etc. I don't see the reason to do it, personally, but, if you find it fun to wait in line, then so be it.
Evernote's iPad app has peak mode. Apple's application was dated Sept. 2010 - which was first?
Unless they can pin a release date down, then this rumor is just more speculation. The average reader can not confirm "up-channel shipping." It's obvious a 13" Retina will be next, especially considering other manufacturers have advertised those screens in their upcoming models.
To be pedantic, it's not optical, it's mechanical. It has nothing to do with the optical properties of the lens, but the system used to stabilize them.
  Huh? How is it better than your regular HDTV? Assuming you don't have a tiny or really crappy HDTV? Sitting at a desk watching movies is fun?0     The 13" MBP will be next with a Retina Display. After that, likely the Airs. While it'd be nice for the Thunderbolt to get one, don't hold your breath. The production yields for those will take a while to get up to the level required for production at a reasonable cost.
The iPhone 4 can be had for free on contract in some places. Yeah, it just makes sense the 3GS going away. At this point, it can't be that much cheaper to produce it than the 4.
So, it has a better camera then.   I don't care about inductive charging. My toothbrush has it so they can waterproof the base because, you know, people like to keep their toothbrushes next to the sink. I see no reason why a phone needs it.   Augmented reality apps are not new. There are iPhone apps that do that. Maybe Nokia's is better, I don't know. I've never used one. Yelp and standard maps apps seem to work just fine.   Soooo... other than the camera,...
Of course. Anyone who thought there's production capacity for building Retina 27" screens this year is kidding themselves. They're at least a year or two away.
That is some Sam Malone hair right there.
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