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Checking out Phase One's "Capture One Pro" instead. I'm not a fan of Adobe's UI.
FYI, Apple fully supports clamshell mode: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3131?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US However, when using a docking station, you should know where the vents are and make sure they are not blocked.
Uhm%u2026 do you really think they're going to use keynote time on WebKit just because the nightly build now supports 10.10? C'mon people, show some perspective.
This guy doesn't seem to know much about the Macintosh platform. I'll bet he spells it MAC and didn't touch one until very recently.
I have a Wii U, and really like it. I don't get time to play games a lot so it has enough to keep me going. Nintendo always wants to have a lower cost console, and I think it hurt them this time because they didn't have a new differentiator like the Wii did to entice gamers to buy it. The second screen (GamePad) just wasn't as well received as it could have been. The GamePad is great for some games, but it is under-utilitized by others. The DS took a while for devs to...
$700?!? Seriously. Methinks it's "gouge the Apple customers time". This functionality should add $100 to a standard touch screen car stereo, tops.
75 employees is pretty large for a small local shop. Regardless, I wish them all the best.
 You seem to ignore the fact that they would need agreement from the owners of the channels. Content providers are very wary of letting Apple control the industry, even if it would be a net benefit to them.
Irrelevant. And actually, with the possible exception of animals, people are fighting for those issues. But for f**k's sake, an animal is not a consenting adult! A gay person is. Your examples have nothing to do with this discussion.And what if Jesus said to love everyone? Doesn't matter though, as the USA and AZ are not theocracies.
Good. Institutions do not care about the long term, the welfare of employees, or the quality of products. I'd like to see Apple go completely private. Then they don't have to answer to these so-called analysts.
New Posts  All Forums: