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None of this matters. What matters is that since the iPad was released, people realized that MS Office is not as crucial to their work as they thought. They got along fine without it for three years. Very few are waiting for Office for iPad with baited breath. This should scare MS if it isn't already. They didn't rush to buy the Surface 1 when it came out, even though it came with Office. So what's different now?
mwhiteco, you didn't read the article, did you? Regardless, this will never make it to trial. The first and most obvious reason is that he's suing Tim Cook, and not Apple. Tim Cook did not sell him a phone. Apple did.
If you aren't tracking tablets, then you shouldn't track the home PC market at all, IMHO. Many households used to use a PC for web, email, facebook, twitter, games, and photos. These can all be done on a tablet or smartphone now. I wouldn't be surprised to see many young adults forgo a PC altogether now, if not replacing one far less often than they used to.
 So do the regular ones. I've never once taken a smoke detector down because it was chirping in the middle of the night. But yes, these look very nice and will sell to many. My local building codes would make it cost-prohibitive for me.  Nest does make hardwired ones. The requirement for the hardwired link is for two reasons - power and comms. But the law was written when wireless comms didn't exist in smoke detectors. I'll bet you could get it changed to accept WiFi, AC...
Lots of people don't want to travel with two phones. They give the local number to the people they are travelling to meet with. Pretty simple, really.
Well, I do wish serviceable components like disks and ram would be more easily available. A hard disk went on my 2007 iMac, and doing it myself was so time consuming that I ended up paying a service depot. Note the Apple Store itself wanted nothing to do with it, as it was well past warranty. I had to find a third party Apple Service depot to do it.
Funny how Samsung and investors aren't worried that they never get any such information. The most they get is "shipped" numbers.
I would only do pre-orders if there is limited supply. Why pre-order something if you know you can just walk in on release day and buy it?
 You take the kid with you. Always.
 A five year old would be in a booster seat. It uses only the regular seat belt. And even car seats are quick to fasten and unfasten.
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